Third Party & Indep. Presidential Candidates

Third party and independent candidates offer an alternative to the major party candidates, but typically have limited resources and face huge hurdles.  For example, ballot access is always a challenge.  As of Summer 2020 it seems doubtful that any of these candidates will be able to mount a serious challenge to the major party nominees.  Indeed 2020 could be a particularly challenging year for third party presidential candidates due to the deeply polarized electorate.  Additionally none of these candidates are well known nationally and there is no telling what  limitations the pandemic will impose on in-person campaigning.  See also: Third Parties.

2020 Quicklinks

Sorinne Ardeleanu

Ken Armstrong switched to running for vice president on April 29, 2020

Daniel Behrman

Kenneth Blevins

Lincoln Chafee out Apr.5

Keenan  Dunham

Brian Ellison

Souraya Faas

Erik Gerhardt

Jim Gray*

Phil Gray

Jedidah Hill

Jacob Hornberger*

*qualified for nomination
Jo Jorgensen*

Adam Kokesh*

Shawn McCutcheon

John Monds*

James Ogle

Steve Richey

Sam Robb

Kim Ruff out Jan. 11

Rhett Smith

Vermin Supreme*

Louis Vanacore

Arvin Vohra

Mark Whitney
out Apr. 23

Jo Jorgensen /
Spike Cohen
Libertarian Party

Online session May 22, 2020.  Additional convention business July 7-12, 2020 in Orlando, FL .

May 21-25, 2020 at JW Marriott Austin in Austin, TX.  (postponed May 2, 2020)
and note:
U.S. Rep. Justin Amash
announced exploratory committee Apr. 28, 2020;
ended May 16, 2020 (+)


Officially recognized >
Howie Hawkins (NY) - former construction worker and UPS employee; a co-founder of the Green Party
*won the nomination of the Socialist Party USA in Oct. 2020

Dario Hunter (CA) - former Youngstown, OH school board member

David Rolde (MA) - a revolutionary communist anti-imperialist activist

Other Declared
: Dennis Lambert, Susan Buchser Lochocki, Kent Mesplay, Sedinam Moywasiza-Curry, Chad Wilson

Howie Hawkins/
Angela Walker

Green Party

Convention: Online July 9-12, 2020.
 July 9-12, 2020 at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI.


Don Blankenship (WV) - former coal executive

Daniel Cummings (UT) - medical doctor

Don Grundmann (CA) - chiropractor

Charles W. Kraut (NY) - financial advisor

Samm Tittle (VA)

Don Blankenship /
William Mohr
Constitution Party

Convention: Telephonically May 1-2, 2020.
May 1-2, 2020 at Hilton Union Station in St. Louis


Socialist Party USA - Howie Hawkins / Angela Walker

Party for Socialism and Liberation - Gloria La Riva / Leonard Peltier

Socialist Workers Party - Alyson Kennedy / Malcolm Jarrett

Socialist Equality Party - Joseph Kishore / Norissa Santa Cruz

SPUSA  Convention: Oct. 25-27, 2019 in Newark, NJ. >





Former Starbucks chairman and CEO Howard Schultz looked into an independent run for president in the first part of 2019.  His effort did not seem to attract much enthusiasm and health reasons forced him to end it in mid-year.

Entrepreneur and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban looked into an independent run in May 2020, even hiring a pollster, but decided against it after finding he could only garner about 25 percent of the vote.

See:  Clare Duffy. "Mark Cuban was seriously weighing a run for president last month. Here's why he decided against it." CNN, June 4, 2020.