OREGON 7 Electoral Votes 
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(Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Oregon Secretary of State)
Total Resident Population, July 1, 2019 est.

Total Registration, Nov. 2020

Oregon has: 36 counties, 240 incorp. cities.

Largest counties: Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas, Lane, Marion.
Largest cities (100,000-plus): Portland, Eugene, Salem, Gresham. 

Governor: Kate Brown (D) re-elected 2018.
State Legislature: Oregon Legislature   House: 60 seats  Senate: 30 seats
Local: Local...  Cities, Counties   NACO
U.S. House: 4D, 1R - 1. S.Bonamici (D) | 2. G.Walden (R) | 3. E.Blumenauer (D) | 4. P.DeFazio (D) | 5. K.Schrader (D).
U.S. Senate: Jeff Merkley (R) seeking re-election in 2020, Ron Wyden (D) re-elected in 2016.
Governor: The Governor is not up, but Secretary of State, Treasurer and AG are.  Note: On Aug. 31, a three-month effort to recall Gov. Kate Brown, led by the Oregon Republican Party, fell just short of the required number of signatures.
U.S. Senate:
Sen. Jeff Merkley (D), running for a third term, is heavily favored over Jo Rae Perkins (R) and Ibrahim Taher (PGP).

U.S. House: In OR-2, a very large district covering the eastern two-thirds of the state, Rep. Greg Walden (R), first elected in 1998, is retiring.  Attorney and former state Sen. Cliff Bentz (R) is heavily favored over writer, performance coach and poet Alex Spenser (D).
In OR-4, SW Oregon, Rep. Peter DeFazio (D), first elected in 1986, faces a strong challenge from Alek Skarlatos (R), who is best known for helping to stop a terrorist attack on an Amsterdam to Paris train in 2015.
State Legislature: 16 of 30 Senate seats and all 60 House seats are up. 
Ballot Measures:
There are four ballot measures
>.  None of them have organized opposition, although psychiatric associations have come out against Measure 109.
Measure 107 would amend the constitution to allow "
laws limiting political campaign contributions and expenditures, requiring disclosure of political campaign contributions and expenditures, and requiring political campaign advertisements to identify who paid for them."  (yes)
Measure 108 would
increase cigarette and cigar taxes and establish a tax on e-cigarettes and nicotine vaping devices.  (yes)
Measure 109 would
legalize, regulate and tax psilocybin (psychoactive mushroom).  (yes)
Measure 110 would provide for addiction recovery centers/services.

State of Oregon
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Libertarian Party of OR
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The Beaver State 
General Election -- Tuesday, November 3, 2020
Voter Registration Deadline: Oct. 13, 2020. >

On the ballot

Trump/Pence (Rep.)

Biden/Harris (Dem.)

Jorgensen/Cohen (Lib.)

Hawkins/Walker (PG)

Hunter/Adams (Prog.)

Ballot Access
Non-affiliated candidates for president can qualify by circulating individual elector nominating petitions (
1% of the number of votes cast in the district for all candidates for presidential electors at the last general election) or holding an assembly of electors, which requires 1,000 signatures, between June 3 and Aug. 25, 2020.>
Overview: Oregon's seven electoral votes will almost certainly end up in the Democratic column. 
   Portland was in the national spotlight for protests (>) that started on May 28 following the the killing of George Floyd and have continued for months, resulting in destruction of property and incidents of violence.  President Trump has repeatedly raised the matter and sought to intervene
(1, 2, 3).

Primary Election -- Tuesday, May 19, 2020
Estimated eligible voters: 3,143,034.  Total registered voters: 2,833,716.  Ballots returned: 1,334,490.
Biden 408,315 (65.99%), Sanders 127,345 (20.58%), Warren 59,355 (10.99%), Gabbard 10,717 (1.73%), Misc. 12.979 (2.10%).  Total 618,711.  details

74 Delegates: 41 District, 13 At-Large, 7 PLEO and 13 Unpledged.

Trump 361,010, Misc. 24,247.  Total 385,257.


General Election Winners in Oregon, 1992-2016
1992 1996 2000 2004 2008 2012 2016
  and the details...

General Election -- Tuesday, November 8, 2016
Voting Eligible Population*: 3,012,502.
VEP Highest Office Turnout Rate: 66.4%.

Ballots Mailed: Oct. 20-25, 2016.

Official Results >

Trump/Pence (Rep.)
+Clinton/Kaine (Dem.)
Stein/Baraka (PG)
Johnson/Weld (Lib.)


Total ballots returnedt: 2,051,448
Overview: As expected Oregon ended up in the Democratic column.  Clinton/Kaine won with a plurality of 219,703 votes (10.98 percentage points), carrying eight counties to 28 for Trump/Pence.  Multnomah County accounted for 399,103 of the 2,001,336  of votes tallied for president (19.94%); Clinton's plurality there was 224,607 votes (292,561 to 67,954).  In terms of visits, Gary Johnson rallied at the Benson Hotel in Portland on the evening of Nov. 3.  Tim Kaine did a "Conversation with Tim Kaine" fundraiser in southeast Portland on Aug. 19.  Donald Trump had been scheduled to make a general election visit at the end of August for a fundraiser and rally but cancelled the trip due to scheduling changes.  Jill Stein had been scheduled to do an event in Portlland on the evening of Oct. 23 but was recovering from pneumonia.
Clinton  |  Trump

General Election -- Tuesday, November 6, 2012
Voting Eligible Population*: 2,700,327.
VEP Highest Office Turnout Rate: 67.7%.

54% of ballots returned in the Nov. 6 election were returned to a dropbox.

71.8% of ballots sent to military and overseas voters were returned and counted.

Dem. 872,361 (39.66%)   Rep. 684,858 (31.14%)   NAff. 490,749 (22.31%)   AmEl. 59   Const. 3,353   Ind. 92,958 (4.23%)   Lib. 15,157   PG 10,979   Prog. 1,994   WF 3,980    Other 23,002 (1.05%)   ...Total 2,199,360
Official Results >

+Obama/Biden (Dem.)
970,488 (54.24)
Stein/Honkala (PG)
19,427 (1.09)
Anderson/Rodriguez (Prog.)
Johnson/Gray (Lib.)
Romney/Ryan (Rep.)
Christensen/Gibbs (Const.)

Total ballots returned: 1,820,507.
2012 Overview
Obama-Biden carried Oregon by 216,313 votes (12.09 percentage points).  Romney carried 26 counties to 10 for Obama, but Obama racked up a plurality of 199,585 votes in Multnomah County (274,887 to 75,302).  There were several visits:  President Obama (July 24 fundraisers in Portland), Michelle Obama (June 17 commencement address at OSU), Mitt Romney (June 4 fundraiser in Portland), Paul Ryan (Sept. 9 debate prep. and Sept. 10 fundraisers in Portland); Gary Johnson (Aug. 5-6), Jim Gray (Sept. 8 Hempstalk) and Jill Stein (Sept. 7-9, including Hempstalk).  Oregon was one of only two states where Stein achieved one percent of the vote, the other being Maine.
Obama  |  (Romney)

General Election -- Tuesday, November 4, 2008
Voting Eligible Population*2,695,058.
VEP Highest Office Turnout Rate: 67.8%.

Dem. 929,741 (43.17%)   Rep. 695,677 (32.30%)   NAff. 431,922 (20.05%)   Other 96,574 (4.48%)  ...Total 2,153,914.

                           Official Results >

Nader/Gonzalez (Peace)
18,614 (1.02)
McKinney/Clemente (PG)
4,543 (0.25)
McCain/Palin (Rep.)
738,475 (40.40)
Barr/Root (Lib.)
7,635 (0.42)
Baldwin/Castle (Const.)
7,693 (0.42)
+Obama/Biden (Dem.)
1,037,291 (56.75)
13,613 (0.74)

Number voting on Nov. 4......1,845,251

2008 Overview
Oregon was a battleground in 2000 and again tight in 2004, but this year it was not close. 
From June to November here were no visits by the major party principals. (In a sign of things to come, in June  2008 Sen. Gordon Smith (R), seeking re-election, ran an ad in which the announcer asked, "Who says Gordon Smith helped lead the fight for better gas mileage and a cleaner environment?"  The answer: Barack Obama). 

Obama-Biden won Oregon with a plurality of 298,816 votes (16.35 percentage points); McCain carried 23 counties to 13 for Obama.  In Multnomah County Obama amassed a plurality of more than 200,000 votes (279,696 to 75,171). 
Obama/Allies  |  McCain/Allies  |  Nader  

General Election -- Tuesday, November 2, 2004
Voting Eligible Population*2,550,887.
VEP Highest Office Turnout Rate: 72.0%.

Vote by Mail -- Ballots mailed any time between the 14th and 18th days before election.

RegistrationDem. 829,197 (38.72%)   Rep. 761,717 (35.57%)   NAff. 477,682 (22.31%)   Others  72,653 (3.39%)   ...Total 2,141,249.

Registration deadline: Oct. 12, 2004.

Official Results

+Kerry/Edwards (Dem.)
Cobb/LaMarche (Pac.)
Peroutka/Baldwin (Const.) 5,257 (0.29)
Badnarik/Campagna (Lib.) 7,260
Bush/Cheney (Rep.)

Number voting on Nov. 2.......1,851,671
2004 Overview
Oregon saw one of the most protracted battles over ballot access for Ralph Nader, as the consumer advocate went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.  In the end, he did not appear on the ballot.  Kerry-Edwards achieved a plurality of 76,332 votes (4.16 percentage points) over the Bush-Cheney ticket.  Bush carried 28 counties to 8 for Kerry, but Kerry's 161,146 vote margin in Multnomah County proved insurmountable.
General Election Details
Kerry/Allies  |  Bush/Cheney '04

General Election -- Tuesday, November 7, 2000

Voting Eligible Population*: 2,364,402.
VEP Highest Office Turnout Rate: 64.9%.

The election was conducted entirely by mail. 

First day for mailing ballots: Oct. 20, 2000.  

Dem. 769,195 (39.37%)   Rep. 699,179 (35.78%)   NAff. 428,406 (21.92%)   Others 57,226 (2.93%)   ...Total 1,954,006.

Registration deadline: Oct. 17, 2000.

Official Results        

Buchanan/Foster (Ind.)
Bush/Cheney (Rep.)
Nader/LaDuke (Pac.)
Hagelin/Goldhaber (Ref.)
Phillips/Frazier (Const.)
+Gore/Lieberman (Dem.)
Browne/Olivier (Lib.)

1,559,215 total ballots counted; on 25,247 ballots (1.6%) no vote for President was recorded--due to under or over votes.

2000 Overview
In 1996 Oregon provided the best showing of any state for Ralph Nader's "non-campaign."  With Nader running an active campaign this time around, great attention focused on how much the Nader factor would hurt Vice President Gore's chances.  Oregon became a closely fought battleground state.  In the end, however, the Gore-Lieberman ticket did prevail, winning the state's 7 electoral votes by a plurality of 6,765 votes (0.44 percentage points).  Bush carried 28 counties to Gore's 8, but Gore's plurality of more than 100,000 votes in Multnomah County (Portland) won the day.  Voters faced "the most complex state ballot in Oregon's history;" in addition to the various candidate races, 26 state measures crowded the ballot.
General Election Activity

1992 and 1996 General Elections
Archive Pages: 2016 | 2012 | 2008 | 2004 | 2000 1992
Clinton (Dem.).......621,314 (42.48)
Bush (Rep.)............475,757 (32.53)
Perot (IIPO)...........354,091
Others (2 + w/ins)....11,481

Clinton (Dem.).......649,641 (47.15)
Dole (Rep.)............538,152 (39.06)
Perot (Ref.)...........121,221
Nader (Pac.)............49,415
Others (4+misc.)......19,331