74 Delegates (61 Pledged and 13 Automatic) and 5 Alternates

May 19, 2020 presidential preference primary.

• Delegates selected by remote election, ballots due by June 12, 2020 at 5:00 p.m..


[delegation chairs: Rosa Colquitt, PhD and Travis Nelson]
U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden
U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley
U.S. Rep. Peter DeFazio
U.S. Rep. Earl Blummenauer
U.S. Rep. Kurt Schrader
U.S. Rep. Suzanne Bonamici
Gov. Kate Brown
AG Ellen Rosenblum
State Party Chair KC Hanson
State Party Vice Chair Pete Lee
DNC Member Travis Nelson
DNC Member Tanya Shivley
DNC Member Matt Keating

PLEO (7 - Biden 5, Sanders 2)
Rosa Colquitt, Tigard
Annabelle Jaramillo, Philomath
Cindy Smith, Portland
Austin Folnagy, Vida
Brian Clem, Salem

Mark Gamba, Milwaukie
Heather Bishop, Corvallis
AT-LARGE (13 - Biden 10, Sanders 3)
Donna Nyberg, Saint Helens
Louise Currin, Portland
Kate White Horse, Creswell
Hanna Vaandering, Hillsboro
Deb Barnes, Milwaukie
Quintin Kreth, Junction City
Monica Tomosy, Sisters
Victor Chavez-Gonzalez, Forest Grove
Michael Radway, Portland
Zach Klonoski, Portland

Bridget Brooks, Tualatin
Terri Preeg Riggsby, Portland
David Jarvis, Portland
Garet Prior, Wilsonville
Omar Sandoval, Dayton
Ashley Pelton, Beaverton
Raina Whiting, Vale

Lurelle Robbins, Portland

DISTRICT (41 - Biden 31, Sanders 10)
Carl Fisher, Tigard
Veronica Williams, Tualatin
Chrissy Erguiza, Portland
Carol Greenough, Tualatin
Gerritt Rosenthal, Tualatin
Gulzar Ahmed, Tualatin
Osiris Parikh, Beaverton
Larry Taylor, Astoria
Lisa Stiller, Beaverton

Lisa Horwitch, Ashland
Nathan Soltz, Medford
Amy Sabbadini, Bend
John Scanlan, Pendleton
Kevin Stine, Medford
Emily Gibson, Bend

Michelle Risher
Marcia Schneider
Eric Delehoy
Moses Ross
Mary Botkin
Barbara Smith Warner
Aaron Barber-Strong
Jack Hanna  ...all Portland
Ira Erbs, Portland
Abby Collins, Gresham
Jonathan Tasini, Portland
Jodi Zeisel, Portland

Biden Sanders
Kevin Cronin, Eugene
Emily Mooney, Eugene
Stephanie Newton, Albany
Becca Byerley, Eugene
Sami Al-Abdrabbuh, Corvallis
Angelique Orman, Eugene
Jim Cupples, Springfield

Carina Perez Europa, Keizer
Annika Albrecht, Lake Oswego
Diane Grover, Lake Oswego
Chris Hoy, Salem
Scott Mills, Aurora
Rick Hartwig, Salem
Valdez Bravo, Lake Oswego

Standing Committee Members: Lew Frederick, Eddy Morales, Carina Miller, Rosie Stephens, Les Aucoin, Katie Skinner.


press releases

Democratic Party of Oregon   
Contact: Molly Woon
May 23, 2020

Democratic Party of Oregon announces delegate apportionment for 2020 DNC Convention

PORTLAND — Following record voter turnout last week, the Democratic Party of Oregon announced the number of delegates allocated to Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders.

Joe Biden Bernie Sanders Total
Congressional District 1 7 2* 9
Congressional District 2 5* 1* 6
Congressional District 3 8 4* 12
Congressional District 4 5* 2 7
Congressional District 5 6 1 7
PLEO 5 2 7
At-Large 10 3 13
Total 46 15 61
Alternates 4 1 5

Delegates were apportioned based on the best primary results as available on May 22nd, 2020, including precinct level results for counties that are split between multiple Congressional Districts.

*An asterisk indicates that the first delegate elected in this category must be female, in all categories delegates are slated alternating by gender, allowing nonbinary delegates to be slated should their vote require it.

The Democratic National Convention is where the Democratic Party officially nominates our Presidential Candidate, as well as approves the four-year national party platform. Oregon’s Delegates represent Oregon in this process and make sure that Oregonians have their voices heard.

More information on the delegate selection process, including the changes approved to accommodate social distancing requirements, can be found here.


Democratic Party of Oregon    
May 5, 2020

DPO Announces New 2020 Delegate Selection Elections Due to COVID‑19

PORTLAND — The Democratic Party of Oregon voted overwhelmingly last week to revise their delegate selection plan for the 2020 Democratic National Convention to accommodate social distancing recommendations. The revised plan, which received final approval by the Democratic National Committee yesterday, does away with in-person nominating conventions and allows Oregon Democrats to hold a remote election — which includes Vote-by-Mail — to select delegates to the Convention in Milwaukee this summer.

The Democratic National Convention is where the Democratic Party officially nominates our Presidential Candidate, as well as approves the Party’s four-year national platform. Oregon’s Delegates represent Oregon Democrats in this process, making sure that their voices are heard. The new delegate selection plan has received the approval of both the Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders campaigns.

“The delegate nominating convention is a longstanding tradition for Oregon Democrats,” said Carla “K.C.” Hanson, Chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon. “However, we have to adapt in these unprecedented times. That is why we’ve established a safe and secure remote election process to choose Oregon’s delegates to the Democratic National Convention. We anticipate that this new process, which will allow any Oregon Democrat to vote remotely, will encourage more Democrats to participate.”

Registered Oregon Democrats who would like to participate in the delegate selection process can do so by completing an online form available at dpo.org/2020 by May 21st at 5:00 pm. They can choose to either run for a delegate position, vote for delegate candidates, or both. Those who register will begin receiving ballot instructions from the DPO beginning on May 27th. These ballots will be due June 12th at 5:00 pm, and results for the delegation will be announced as soon as feasible on the DPO’s website.

“We are less than 200 days away from the most important Presidential election in our lifetime,” said Hanson, who participated in the 2008 and 2012 Democratic National Conventions. “Voters across the country have seen enough from an inconceivably corrupt and inept White House and are desperate for real leadership. Participating in the process to make our presumptive nominee and his Vice Presidential pick official this August will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our Oregon Democratic delegates.”

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