1992 New Hampshire Presidential Primary

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"I want to be a voice for the New American Security. I want to be a voice for America's cities and towns, and for the people who live there."
"In cities and towns across our land, citizens yearn for a New American Security that puts human need at home ahead of military overkill abroad."
About Larry Agran

Larry Agran served as a local elected official from 1978 to 1990, including six years as Mayor of Irvine, California. As Irvine's first directly elected mayor, he brought global acclaim to his city of 110,000 people. Irvine is now famous worldwide as a leading example of master planning — what the New York Times said may be "the American future."

An advocate for "thinking globally, acting locally," Agran has repeatedly taken the lead in shaping policy in the new era of international cooperation. For eight years, he was executive director of the Center for Innovative Diplomacy, a foreign policy think-tank. He visited Mexico and Japan to establish Irvine's sister cities relations and expand his city's role as a Pacific Rim trade partner. In 1989, Agran traveled to Vietnam to press for the release of the father of a Vietnamese refugee living in Irvine. And Agran succeeded where the State Department had failed.

Agran won national and global praise for implementing a comprehensive ordinance banning the release into the atmosphere of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and other ozone-destroying chemicals. The United Nations recognized Irvine with its coveted award for environmental achievement — the only American city to receive the award in 1990.

Mayor Agran headed a City Council that the New York Times described as "a crucible of municipal innovation." He initiated a far-reaching city child care program declared a "national model" by the Los Angeles Times. He established special transportation services for the elderly and disabled. He authored policies to build affordable housing for deserving families, while also requiring developers to set aside and protect thousands of acres of open space and wildlife. He laid the groundwork for an Irvine monorail system, the first link in a proposed regional mass transit plan. Agran hired women in top city posts and led the effort to adopt a Human Rights Ordinance that banned discrimination in housing, employment and public accommodations — including discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

Larry Agran was born on February 2, 1945 in Chicago, Illinois. A product of California's public schools, Agran graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of California in 1966, and in 1969 graduated cum laude from Harvard Law School. In 1977, he authored The Cancer Connection (Houghton Mifflin), a book sharply critical of the government's failure to institute policies to protect citizens against occupationally and environmentally caused cancer.

Agran lives in Irvine with his wife, Phyllis, a pediatrician. Their 21-year-old son, Ken, is a senior at Dartmouth College.

Regarded as one of America's brightest and most successful mayors in the 1980s, Larry Agran brings a strong and distinctive voice to the 1992 Democratic Presidential campaign.

His call for the New American Security has been featured in national media such as The MacNeil/Lehrer News Hour, The CBS Evening News, CNN and C-SPAN, and in publications such as the Los Angeles Times, USA Today and the Christian Science Monitor.

"Now that the Cold War is over, genuine national security will be measured not by the force of our arms abroad but by the strength of our society here at home. The New American Security I propose means strong families and strong neighborhoods in economically vibrant communities. It means rewarding jobs in modern industries that are competitive in the global marketplace. It means public investment in health care, education, child care, and transportation. It means safe streets in all parts of town so that people can walk at night without fear. It means clean air and clean water and land free of poisons. In short, the New American Security that is now within our reach means a quality of life worthy of human dignity — and not just for the privileged few but for each and every American."


The New American Security
A Specific Plan for America's Future
     In his campaign for the Presidency, Larry Agran is telling Americans exactly how the New American Security would work — how $150 billion can now be safely cut from our $300 billion per year military budget, and re-invested here at home.
     FIRST, all permanent U.S. troops should be withdrawn from Europe and Japan by December 31, 1994, saving American taxpayers more than $100 billion a year. The Europeans and Japanese should bear the full costs of their own defense.
     SECOND, nearly $10 billion should be cut from the foreign military aid budget.
     THIRD, the President should order an end to all further nuclear weapons testing, and cancel costly and unnecessary weapons programs such as the B-2 bomber and Star Wars.
     With these cuts, we'd still have the strongest and most modern armed forces in the world. We'd have something else, too. We'd have the resources — at least $150 billion per year — that we desperately need to begin rebuilding our own country. Larry Agran would return these resources to America's cities, towns and people. He proposes:
     FIRST, $25 billion — $100 per resident — should be returned each year to the local level through a revival of revenue sharing. That would mean $73.6 million a year returned to Baltimore, $46.7 million to Denver, $39.4 million to Atlanta, and $19.3 million to Des Moines.
     SECOND, $15 billion — $375 per student — should be returned each year to America's public school districts to improve local education. That would mean $351.1 million a year returned to New York City, $222.3 million to Los Angeles, $147.9 million to Chicago, and $71.6 million to Philadelphia.
     THIRD, $40 billion should be invested as a down­payment on comprehensive health security for every American.
     FOURTH, $20 billion should be invested in environmental protection — cleaning up toxic and nuclear waste dumps, restoring our rivers and oceans, safeguarding the ozone layer and reforesting the Earth.
     FIFTH, with the remaining $50 billion, Larry Agran proposes that we reduce the federal deficit. He also proposes implementing a "Defense Workers' Bill of Rights" to guarantee that demobilized troops and civilian defense workers remain fully employed as we shift our economy to peacetime production of consumer goods. 

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What The New American Security Means To You


  • Call your City or County government to find out your town's population. Multiply that number by $100 — that's how much money the New American Security would bring to your city or town every year.
  • Call your School District to find out how many elementary and secondary level students are enrolled. Multiply that number by $375 — that's how much money the New American Security would bring to your schools every year.
  • Ask your elected officials how they would allocate these resources. Please let us know what they say — write us at the address on this brochure. Larry Agran wants all Americans to know what the New American Security can do for cities and towns like yours. 

AGRAN FOR PRESIDENT '92 • P.O. Box 159 • Irvine, CA 92650 CompuServe: 76150,1170 GEnie: AGRAN92 Prodigy: KBVR23A
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