Sept. 14 2021 Governor Recall Election

Newspaper, 4 pages (front) - 11 3/8" x 17".

The future of California is in our hands! VOTE for Robert Newman to take back California and to secure a bright future for the citizens and residents of our beautiful State.

"Special Recall Election 2021"



Robert C. Newman II will be a Governor that will take the moral high ground and make a difference in the lives of Californians.

Born to a family which was not dirt poor but certainly dusty, Robert grew up in the rural town of Lakeside, California. Although a case of polio, at the age of four, affected his right leg, this became an asset. His father, who did not have a high school diploma, spoke into his son's life that he should not do manual labor for employment but rather go to college to "be a doctor."

Robert married young and with God being central in their lives, he and his wife, Mary, both managed to pay their way through college earning advanced degrees. They also achieved their dream of owning a small farm and rais­ing farm animals.
(Initial days on the farm, 1987)
Robert became a research clinical psy­chologist while Mary used her master's degree to become a social worker. Not wanting to continue in his profession, in what became an oppressive environ­ment, he chose io manage the farm. During his farming experience, Robert heard from God, a call from God that was totally unexpected and surprising: "Be the governor." Henceforth, life changed dramatically in the Newman household and what for them was a rather ordinary life became an extraor­dinary journey, which started in 2001 and continues to the present.

So, what defines a person? First of all, Robert is a believer in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and the Holy Scriptures, the Bible. He reads the Word of God nearly daily, which is generally his habit, but they did have two grass fires in the canyon where they live so he may have missed reading those days.

Robert enjoys going to church and believes in tithing. He also believes that The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States are two of the greatest documents ever written, as they are based on the Bible and inspired by God.

Robert believes in limited government and individual responsibility devoid of government interference.

Robert is strong, courageous and a genuine risk taker, but not in the sense of skydiving! A determined individual who assumes responsibility for his choices and actions, Dr. Newman takes on life with vigor and resilience. While he likes people and wishes them well, he has a hard time with those who do not do their part, or are slackers and lazy. Robert does have a problem with those who take advantage of others, as well with those who lack critical thinking abilities.

Generally helpful, considerate, kind and loving, he is also a straight shooter, i.e., straight forward in sharing his views.

Robert wasn't that great a student at El Capitan High School in Lakeside, Cali­fornia, but he really put on the steam when he entered college. And although he worked much of the time while at college, he managed to study very long hours. His wife describes him as her "walking encyclopedia." Robert doesn't watch TV but continues to study vari­ous subjects and prefers to listen to speakers at. Hillsdale College, Prager U, The John Birch Society, and John W. Spring, a geopolitical scientist. He has an inquiring mind and can be frequently found in his home library.

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