Nov. 3, 2020 U.S. Senate

Palm Card - 5" x 10". 

February 14, 2017
The first bill President Trump signed was Sen. Inhofe's legislation to improve Oklahoma's economy and increase energy production.

"I've partnered with President Trump to put Oklahoma at the front of the line on jobs, the economy, and energy production.  I've been honored to work with him to rebuild our military and build a wall.  As long as I'm in the Senate they'll never impeach our President and I'll never stop fighting for Oklahoma."
—Senator Jim Inhofe               

Oklahoma's Fighter. Trump's Partner.

Oklahoma's Fighter.
Trump's Partner.

Jobs and Energy
The first legislation President Trump signed into law was Senator lnhofe's legislation that increased high-­paying Oklahoma jobs and expanded Oklahoma energy production.

Rebuilding Military After Obama
After Obama gutted America's military, lnhofe has led the charge to rebuild America's military so we have the strongest military in the world and is making sure we take care of our veterans.

Build a Wall
Senator lnhofe authored the WALL Act, which provides funding for the Wall's construction, paid for by eliminating welfare for illegal immigrants.

Support President Trump
Senator Inhofe has led the charge to oppose impeachment and has partnered with President Trump to Make America Great Again.

Keep Oklahoma's Fighter in the Senate.

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