Nov. 8, 2016 U.S. Senate

Brochure w/ pledge card - 6" x 4".

It's time our voices are heard in Washington.



DRS16_014  |  [union bug, recycle bug]  Paid for by Deborah Ross for Senate

Deborah Ross
fights for the people, not the powerful.

Raised by a father who served as a doctor in the Air Force during the Vietnam era and a mother who dedicated her time to teaching preschool, Deborah Ross has displayed the same commitment to service in her more-than-two-decades career as a lawyer in North Carolina and 10 years as a state representative.

In the Senate, Deborah will:
•  Put working people first and change the rigged system that only benefits the rich and well connected

•  Make college more affordable and take on the student debt crisis by allowing graduates to refinance their loans so that they can start businesses, buy homes and raise families

•  Fight for equal pay for equal work and protect funding for women's health

•  Protect Social Security and Medicare