Nov. 8, 2016 Governor
Card, 3.5" x 8.5".


Government can't create jobs, but it can create an environment in which jobs can be created. Our goal should be to build a state where all businesses, large and small, can flourish, or fail, of their own volition. Government needs to stop the practice of picking winners and losers by taking money from taxpayers, both individuals and businesses, and then giving it to favored businesses.

Roads and Taxes

Most people in Indiana want good roads, and they want those roads maintained. Most people also realize that roads and road maintenance costs money. Since government is in charge of the roads, I think it is reasonable for taxpayers to demand that all of our road use taxes be applied to roads. That isn't currently happening. Once we reach that goal, if we find out it really isn't enough to build and maintain the roads, then we can talk. But first things first, I believe. Don't you?

Some things are just too important to leave up to Washington. Certainly our children's education is one of those things. As it currently stands, the bureaucracy at the federal level, that doesn't know you or your children, is making far too many decisions where our children's education is concerned. We need to get control of education back where it belongs. For starters, let's return control to the parents and local neighborhoods, eliminate federal and state mandated testing, and let our parents and teachers do their jobs.

Victimless Crimes

Government needs to learn the difference between crime, vice, and bad habits. When a person initiates force or fraud against another person or another's property, it is the proper function of government to mediate and/or punish the offender. When consenting adults participate in a mutually agreeable arrangement, governments only role should be to make sure contractual agreements are met if the need arises. No victim, no crime.

10th Amendment
Washington is out of control. I think most Hoosiers realize that fact. While we may not be able to control what is coming out of Washington, we can control how it affects us. The 10th Amendment gives the states, and the people, the power to nullify unconstitutional edicts handed down from the federal government. We have the power to stop Washington. We need the courage to use it.