WEST VIRGINIA      Nov. 4, 2014 U.S. Senate

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Working hard for hardworking West Virginia families.

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  • Shelley has aggressively fought Obama's war on WV coal jobs.
  • She's endorsed by the men and women of the WV Coal Association.
  • Shelley helped pass legislation that protects worker safety.
  • She's endorsed by the National Federation for lndependent Business for helping West Virginia small businesses create jobs.


  • lntroduced a bill to make sure soldiers returning to rural areas could receive quality care for traumatic brain injury close to home.
  • Helped secure a 152% increase to overall funding for Veteran Services.
  • Pushed President Obama to include rural veterans on any commission created to review the quality of veterans services.

  • Voted repeatedly to repeal Obamacare.
  • Wants to start over on Obamacare and keep what works, is affordable and lets you keep your doctor.
  • lntroduced legislation eliminating a special provision of Obamacare that gives a taxpayer-funded subsidy to members of Congress.
  • Strong defender of our 2nd amendment right to own a gun.
  • Has taken on Obama directly for trying to replace our West Virginia values with his Washington, DC values.
  • Shares our beliefs in the importance of faith, family and freedom.

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West Virginia is a wonderful state full of hard-working people who always look out for each other. Our state powers America, and we are this coun­try's future. President Obama and his anti-coal allies have turned their backs on us and we know we can do better. West Virginians deserve a Senator who will stand up to President Obama and who will fight for coal, jobs, healthcare reform that works and our veterans.

My six point West Virginia Works Plan builds on my record of standing up for West Virginia and shares my vision for bringing much needed relief to our state.

Throughout my career, I have worked hard to serve the people who entrusted me with the responsibility of fighting for this great state in the U.S. House of Repre­sentatives. It has been my duty to support policies that help provide West Virginians with the resources and opportunities to succeed, and I have been on the front lines fighting to keep West Virginia working.

In Congress, I have fought for dozens of jobs bilis that have not received a vote in the U.S. Senate because of President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's gridlock. These measures would protect and grow our energy jobs, create new eco­nomic opportunities, expand our infrastructure, improve our education system, care for our veterans, and make life better for families if only they could break through Harry Reid's grip on the Senate. This November, we have a chance to change things.

There will be challenges along the way, but I'm committed to ensuring that the policies I've fought for in the U.S. House are finally taken up in the U.S. Senate. As I travel the state on my West Virginia Works Tour, I look forward to hearing new ideas and feedback from people in all corners of the state who want West Virginia to keep working. Together we can keep create a strong and more prosperous West Virginia for our families and future generations.

1 Powering a West Virginia that works

West Virginia is blessed with abundant energy resources that can power America's economy. Thanks to our state's coal miners, we have enjoyed affordable and reli-able electricity in West Virginia for over a century. Natural gas production in West Virginia has skyrocketed, creating new job opportunities and creating the very real prospect that the United States can be energy independent by 2020. Our abundant coal and natural gas reserves offer the promise of attracting new manufacturing to our state powered by affordable coal generated electricity and a steady supply of natural gas and its component liquids.

Our energy jobs are under assault from President Obama's administration. Govern­ment regulations make it harder to use and produce coal and natural gas. My vision for West Virginia's economy is anchored on the strong foundation that our energy resources provide. An energy economy is ajobs economy and our policies should empower West Virginia workers to safely and efficiently produce our resources and use them to fuel an economic resurgence in our state and our country.

2 Creating Opportunities for a West Virginia that works

Small businesses form the backbone of West Virginia's economy. More than half of our state's private sector workers are employed at a small business. But astronomical increases in health insurance premiums, taxes and regulatory compliance have left many small businesses struggling to survive. Government policies should encourage entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams of opening a small business. We should encour­age our existing businesses to grow and hire more West Virginia workers. But too often, Washington comes up with policies like Obamacare that actually encourage businesses to employ fewer people or replace full time employees with part time workers. I have fought against burdensome red tape and for lower taxes so job cre­ators can put more people to work. Strong and growing small businesses will create more work for West Virginians

3 Building a foundation for a West Virginia that works

To grow job opportunities across West Virginia, we need a strong infrastructure to safely move people and goods. I have fought for federal highway legislation in the past that funded U.S. Route 35, Corridor H, and Route 9. Today, however, we need new investment in our nation's infrastructure. This year, Congress passed a new water resources development act that is a good, bipartisan model for cooperation that pro­vides for our nation's infrastructure. We should use our nation's vast energy resources to help fund investments in our roads, bridges and waterways. We should also bring back the foreign capital of U.S. companies kept overseas to fund infrastructure proj­ects. Building and maintaining our roads and bridges will provide our state with jobs today and a foundation to build on for generations to come.
4 Preparing a West Virginia that works

For a West Virginia that works, job seekers need skills that match employers' needs. That is why I supported a bipartisan law that reshapes federal job training programs to direct more resources to train workers for the jobs available in their communities. There is much more work to be done to prepare West Virginians for good, family sustaining careers. I don't believe that the best answers on what makes for a good education come from Washington. That's why we should give local communities, dedicated teachers and parents the flexibility they need to innovate and educate our children, while making sure that there is transparency and accountability for results. We should also empower our college students with more information about financia! aid programs and the different educational options offered by universities, communi­ty colleges and trade schools. Preparing our workforce will allow West Virginians to seize the opportunities of the 21st century.
5 Honoring West Virginians who worked to protect our freedom

Our state can never do enough to thank the men and women who are the ultimate West Virginia workers - those brave soldiers who have fought for our freedom and liberty around the globe. Recently, we've seen a terrible example of how a mismanaged federal agency failed to serve many of our veterans. I strongly supported the bi-partisan legislation Congress passed to provide the Veterans Administration with resources to hire more medical professionals and allow veterans to see private medical providers when wait times are excessive. The work is far from over. We need to make sure that rural veterans have a seat at the table when important structural reforms are made, and we need to improve economic opportunities for all of those who have served.

6 Supporting strong families for a West Virginia that works

West Virginians work in order provide a better life for their families. That is why I've worked for lower taxes that help families keep more of the money that they earn. It's why I introduced legislation that would make things a little easier for working fami­lies caring for a young child or an elderly loved one. Our polices should help people balance the demands of family and work life and ensure equal opportunities for all West Virginians.

My West Virginia Works Plan will put our state on a path toward more jobs and a stronger economy. West Virginians deserve a Senator who is going to fight for West Virginia every day, just like I have throughout my service in Congress. For more information about the West Virginia Works Plan and my campaign go to www. capitoforsenate.com. In this campaign, I will travel to all parts of West Virginia on my West Virginia Works Tour and share my plan for strengthening our state and getting our economy growing.


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