Nov. 4, 2014 U.S. Senate
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A lifelong conservative, Senator Jim Inhofe is doing what is right for America by combating President Obama's liberal agenda.

Consistently Fighting for Our Conservative Values.

Saying What Must Be Said... Doing What Must Be Done.

Free enterprise is under assault from Big Government and under attack from rigid bureaucrats. Senator Inhofe knows that free enterprise made America great and it needs to be unleashed.
Washington is a mess because it's addicted to overspending. Our nation needs a Balanced Budget Amendment with teeth; spending caps that can't be breached.
Senator Inhofe is leading the charge against ObamaCare. This is the most dangerous liberal scheme ever perpetuated by Big Liberal Government. It must be gutted, repealed, defunded and replaced.
Senator Jim Inhofe has earned an A rating from the National Rifle Association because he always stands strong for your right to keep and bear arms.
When America achieves energy independence from OPEC, it changes everything. Cheaper energy will help every family save for the future and every business achieve a competitive edge in the global economy.  
''I'm not afraid of controversy. I'm not afraid of saying what's on my mind and what's on a lot of people's minds."

–Jim Inhofe

There is no one in the United States Senate like Jim Inhofe.

He is proud, strong, bold, blunt and brave. His tenacity is legendary. Jim Inhofe isn't
afraid to stick his neck out and lead.


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The Tradition of America...
•    Strong National Security
•    Individual Liberties
•    Sanctity of Life

...Is Under Attack from Obama:
•    Out of Control Spending
•    Disarming of Our Military
•    Overregulation Nation

Out of Control Spending
Obama has massed more debt than all Presidents from George Washington to George W. Bush combined. Under his watch, our nation has added an average of $1.4 trillion per year to the national debt.

Cut This, Not That: Obama's Misguided Priorities
•    Over the past five years, President Obama has spent $120 billion taxpayer dollars on global warming initiatives. This is the equivalent of purchasing 1,400 F-35s.
•    In 2009, President Obama signed off on a $2.1 billion loan to Solar Trust of America. This was shortly after they bundled $550,000 for Obama's presidential campaign. Solar Trust failed, and taxpayers were left footing the bill. This money could be better spent today fixing the budget shortfall this year for military pay and housing.
•    In 2009, President Obama signed off on a $535 million loan to Solyndra. This was shortly after the company had bundled $250,000 for Obama's presidential campaign. By 2011, Solyndra filed bankruptcy and left taxpayers footing the bill. This money could be better spent today by avoiding the retirement of 7 of the 27 AWACS at Tinker Air Force base due to budget cuts.
•    In 2009, the Obama Administration spent $270 million on a global warming satellite that was intended to map earth's CO2 levels and human contribution to greenhouse gases. The satellite was destroyed in a failed rocket launch. This money could be better spent today to close the gap in this year's budget to properly train our Special Op­erations Units, which include our Navy SEALS.
•    This year, President Obama has allotted $757 million in his budget to the Global Climate Change Initiative that helps to build green power plants overseas. This mon­ey could be better spent today to provide our National Guard and reserve units 50 of the 111 black hawks they need.
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5 years, 0 budgets: Yet during this time, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid & the Democrats cre­ated a $825 billion slush fund for Obama to advance his liberal agenda. They have also increased food stamp spending each year by $41 billion. Government dependence is their goal.

Disarming of Our Military
•    Obama has cut $487 billion out of military budget, and is now cutting an additional $500 billion through his defense sequestration.
•    Our Military Leaders are concerned:
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Martin Dempsey: "Force is so degraded and so unready" that it would be "immoral to use the force."
Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Admiral Sandy Winnefeld: "For the first time in my career, instances where we may be asked to respond to a crisis and we will have to say that we cannot."
Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel: "American dominance on the seas, in the skies, and in space can no longer be taken for granted."
•    Our Enemies No Longer Fear Us, Our Friends No Longer Trust Us

Obama's Oppressive Overregulation
•    Families: Taxes, Cap-and-trade
•    Manufacturing: EPA/Ozone Regulations
•    Banking: Dodd-Frank Act – law mandates the creation of 398 new regulations
•    Agriculture: Endangered Species, Fuel, Water

•    Energy: War on Fossil Fuels

Let's take the Senate in 2014; Elect a President who loves America in 2016