Nov. 4, 2014 U.S. Senate

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Jim is a fifth generation rancher and business owner from Callaway, Nebraska. He is running as an Independent candidate in the general election in November 2014. To learn more about his Independent campaign, make a donation, and volunteer to gather signatures needed to place Jim on the ballot, please contact us at, 308-836-... or

PO Box 246, 108 W. Kimball, Callaway, NE 68825

America is at its best when its citizens are engaged in our political system. To support and sustain our democratic institutions, we must work together to find solutions.

REFORM. Congress needs to change its rules to enable cooperation and the timely passage of legislation rather than gridlock, discord and dysfunction that now exists.

BUDGET. Congress must pass budgets on time. I support a biennial budget process like we have in Nebraska and I support the concept of "no budget, no pay" for members of Congress.

TAXES. We need to simplify the tax code and put in place legislation that will "sunset" tax loopholes that have outlived their original purpose.

DEBT. One of my top priorities is to work across party lines to develop a comprehensive plan to deal with the nation's runaway debt.

INFRASTRUCTURE. Our economy is built on the world's greatest infrastructure, but it's in decline. We must continue to maintain and improve our infrastructure.

This campaign is dedicated to the idea that compromise is the keystone of our democracy. Our greatness depends on our ability to work together, finding common ground and forging consensus.
Join our campaign to send an Independent voice to the United States Senate.

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Not left. Not Right. Forward!
Jim's Nebraska Resume:
•    5th generation Nebraska rancher
•    Founder of Wild West Inc. which owned Whiskey Creek Restaurants
•    Co-founder of Skeeter Barnes Restaurants
•    Ag Builders of Nebraska, Member
•    NE Corn-Fed Beef Program, Former Executive Director
•    UNL Center for Grassland Studies, Advisor
•    NE Ethanol Board, Former Chairman
•    Wind Energy projects, Lease Consultant
•    NU President's Advisory Committee, Past Member
•    NE Restaurant Ass'n, Former President
•    Custer Co. Planning Commission, Past Member
•    United Methodist Church, Lay Leader

Contribute. Volunteer. Vote!

Jim's Message:
Growing up on a ranch in Custer County, Nebraska, taught me to work hard, overcome adversity, and work together as a fami ly and as a commun ity. With your support, I hope to bring this same Nebraska work ethic to the U.S. Senate in order to help fix the nation's problems and break the partisan gridlock that currently prevents our country from moving forward. Only by working together will we be able to solve problems and create solutions for a better future!

Why I'm Running ...
COUNTRY IN CRISIS. Our Congress is in partisan gridlock, with the government incapable of progress. This inability to move forward undermines our economy, our security, and our democratic institutions.
BRIDGE-BUILDING. I am dedicated to bridging party divides and setting aside Democrat or Republican labels in order to do what is in the best interest of our country.
MY NEBRASKA RESUME. As a local rancher and businessman, I know that Nebraskans are fair­minded and progressive. It's time to take those values to Washington.

"To us, Jim is a breath of fresh air. He is truly non-partisan and has the integrity to seek solutions that are best for our country. Jim's exactly what we need in Washington."
Pete & Jonnie Peterson, Brule, NE