Nov. 4, 2014 U.S. Senate
Brochure - 6" x 11".

"It's time to put partisan politics aside and do what's right for Kentucky's families."

Kentucky's families deserve better than gridlock politics.

"Washington is plagued by a disease of dysfunction. It's been run over by a band of professional and selfish politicians – led by none other than Senator McConnell. His brand of politics? Gridlock – stopping good legislation that would have helped hard-working Kentuckians. Why? Out of spite, to protect his political party and increase his own net worth. Senator McConnell even calls himself the 'proud guardian of gridlock.' His pride disgraces our state. Join me in making Washington actually work for our families."

For the good of our state and our nation, we must find common ground in Washington.

We can do so much for Kentucky's families with the right priorities and a can-do attitude. As your Senator I will fight to:

  • Provide tax incentives for small businesses that provide jobs here in Kentucky and end tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas.
  • Cut wasteful government spending while protecting Social Security and Medicare.
  • Ensure that every Kentucky woman gets the same pay as a man for equal work.
  • Train our workforce to compete globally by investing in our schools and in higher education.
  • Put a cap on interest rates for student loans because we can't put a tax on our kids.

Alison has fought for Kentucky's families all her life.

Born in Maysville, Kentucky, the daughter and granddaughter of small business owners, Alison learned at an early age the value of hard work and public service.

As an attorney, Alison fought for victims of domestic violence, giving them a voice in the courtroom.

As Kentucky's Secretary of State, Alison has modernized the office, making sure that every eligible Kentuckian has access to the ballot box, ensuring our military and overseas citizens have the opportunity to vote, and giving the green light to the small businesses that drive job creation in our state.

Alison is ready to take her energetic and innovative approach to Washington and provide the long overdue representation that Kentucky needs in our nation's capital.

Alison and her husband, Andrew, live in Lexington.

Join Alison to make Washington work for us...for once.

For more information or to volunteer, feel free to call (502) 352-... or visit our website at

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Plan (cover, pages 2, 3 and 4)

Our Strength OUR PEOPLE
Kentucky Jobs Action Plan


As Kentucky's next United States Senator, my number one priority will be putting Kentuckians back to work.

Kentucky lost more than 118,000 jobs1 at the worst part of the recession, including 35,000 manufacturing jobs and 18,000 construction jobs.2 This has dovetailed with a decline in coal-mining employment to the lowest level since mining jobs began to be tallied in 1927.3 A grim situation has been further aggravated by a sharp rise in baby boomer retirements and, of course, the reckless government shutdown.

For nearly three decades, Senator Mitch McConnell has been in Washington, yet we must ask ourselves whether Kentucky is more economically viable as a result. The answer, resoundingly given as I travel across Kentucky, is "no." The 2014 U.S. Senate race affords Kentucky an opportunity to self-correct - to take action to place someone in our nation's capital who actually puts the people of Kentucky - not partisan politics - first.

Mitch McConnell's Washington has failed Kentucky families. Unemployment remains high, and far too many Kentuckians are looking for work. According to the most recent estimates, our state is running a jobs deficit of 87,500,4 causing tens of thousands of our families to struggle to make ends meet. The number of children in Kentucky with a parent who had been unemployed for six months or more increased by over 90 percent in 2012,5 and more than one in four Kentucky children lives in poverty.6

What I recognize, and what Mitch McConnell lost sight of long ago, is that this tragedy - and it is a tragedy - is not a set of numbers. Nor is it about the world in which Mitch McConnell travels - one that is about budgets and hearings, Senate procedure, endless fundraising among big corporate donors, and fruitless boasts about being the "guardian of gridlock."7

Unemployment and under-employment are the heartbreaking stories of real people, tens of thousands of our fellow Kentuckians, good people, hard-working people, unable to support themselves and their families because of devastating circumstances beyond their control. The intolerable jobs picture in Kentucky is one that Mitch McConnell complacently accepts, and one that I wholly reject and will fight every day to improve. Kentuckians deserve a leader who recognizes that the strength of the Commonwealth is our people. I pledge to be that leader.

Mitch McConnell has turned his back on Kentucky's middle class and working
families. He has repeatedly stood in the way of commonsense proposals to help
Kentucky families, including raising the minimum wage, reducing the wage gap
between men and women, expanding employment opportunities for our veterans, and encouraging manufacturing to return to our state. Meanwhile, he supports tax breaks for millionaires and companies that ship jobs overseas. And he voted against reversing the senseless sequestration cuts,8 threatening more than 3,600 jobs at Fort Knox and Fort Campbell military bases.9 It's time for him to get out of the way.

Kentuckians are all too familiar with the high costs of political gamesmanship and obstruction under Mitch McConnell. The utterly avoidable and unnecessary 16-day government shutdown cut $127 million from Kentucky's economy,10 including nearly $63 million in Louisville and $23 million in Lexington.11 Since the beginning of 2011, Mitch McConnell's brinksmanship has contributed to economic uncertainty that has cut growth by 12 percent and cost the country 900,000 jobs.12

Kentucky families deserve better: good jobs and a good quality of life. Unlike Mitch McConnell's failed agenda, my plan for Kentucky will help increase family incomes and encourage businesses to grow and create new jobs. It will prepare and train Kentuckians for the rapidly changing economy of the future, and it will increase Kentucky's global competitiveness.

While there is not one silver bullet that will address all of Kentucky's economic needs, there is a set of specific strategies we can utilize to help get Kentuckians back to work. Delivering these commonsense solutions will require a new brand of leadership that cares less about Washington's silly games and more about giving hard-working Kentuckians a fair opportunity to put food on their tables.

In order for Kentucky to reach its full economic potential, we must take ACTION today. We can and must do better. Together, let's get started.

My proposal specifically focuses on six goals:
A Advocate for Kentucky Families and Veterans
C Cultivate Kentucky Competitiveness
T Train Kentucky Workers
I Invigorate Appalachian and Rural Kentucky
O Offer Better Kentucky Wages
N Negotiate a Fair Deal for Kentucky Business