Nov. 4, 2014 Governor

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"New Mexico's families are hurting. lt's time to get our State back on course. We need more good jobs that pay a living wage, real improvements in the education of our children, and better protection of our precious water and air. Big corporations keep getting more tax cuts, but if we don't finally start investing in our people, New Mexico cannot achieve its great potential. lt's time for an experienced Governor who is on our side."




"I want all New Mexicans who want to start a business to be able to do so. I want New Mexicans who own a business to be able to grow that business if they choose to. And I want all New Mexicans to have a job at a decent wage to support their families."

Gov. Martinez's mantra of tax cuts for big corporations, less regulation, and cuts in key government spending is not working. We had almost zero growth in 2013 under her watch. We are losing population for the first time in memory. And poverty is higher today in New Mexico than it was 10 years ago. We need a different approach to improve New Mexico's jobs situation, and that is why Gary King is running for Governor. Leadership and policies that will put New Mexicans back to work.

•    Gary King believes we shouldn't be taking from poor children to give to multinational corporations. When big corporations get tax giveaways, working families must pay a bigger share of the state's taxes. The Governor's tax 'cut' was a backdoor tax hike on smaller, struggling communities across our state.
•    Gary King will fight for a minimum wage increase to boost the incomes for millions of struggling New Mexican families, and lift children out of poverty. Martinez hurt families when she vetoed a minimum wage increase last year, and she held down job growth and demand.
•    Gary King will get help for small businesses, and help them succeed. Small businesses employ the most New Mexicans, and they must be our focus, not big multinational corporations.
•    Gary King will fight for strategies to bring investment for jobs to rural communities. He is of rural New Mexico, and he knows rural New Mexicans need jobs too.
•     Gary King will end Martinez's rampant outsourcing of New Mexico jobs.
•     Gary King will fight for the needed investments to improve our public schools, for good vocational tech opportunities, and for our higher education institutions. All of these are critical to New Mexico's future job growth.
•    Gary King has fought hard to end wage theft in New Mexico. Every year and in every industry, thousands of New Mexicans are the victims of unscrupulous bosses who pay less than minimum wage, refuse overtime pay, and misclassify employees as independent contractors. He will continue to fight against wage theft as Governor.


"My mother, Alice King, devoted her life to working and advocating for public policies to protect vulnerable children in our state. I think she would be bitterly disappointed today to see how children are being neglected in New Mexico."

We urgently need a Governor who will deliver for our children. Photo-op politics will not improve our kids' future. Under Martinez, our state has fallen to 50th in the nation for children's well-being, yet in her last budget she turned back $6 million for the protection of at-risk kids. As Governor, Gary King will be a champion for all New Mexico children.

•     Anyone who reads the news realizes that under her administration, New Mexico's most vulnerable children are at greater risk. Gary King has taken on Martinez when she promised only an internal investigation into one recent tragic incident. Unlike her, Gary King wants an independent investigation to guarantee there can be no white wash of the facts, because he worries how many more children may be in danger.
•    Gary King will fight to fund a bold Early Childhood Education project from the permanent land grant fund, and he wants a constitutional amendment on the ballot in 2014 to do so. The rainy day fund belongs to the people, and the people should decide whether to use the fund to get our kids better learning opportunities.
•    Gary King will put an end to over-testing of our students in public schools. Martinez's corporate education regime deadens their learning experience, and is driving out good teachers.
•     Gary King has taken on Martinez's harmful education 'reform' that demonizes teachers. He will end the growing privatization of our public education system. Classrooms should be learning centers, not profit centers.
•     Gary King will fight for smaller classrooms, better pay and more respect for our teachers, and common-sense teacher evaluations.
•     Gary King has used his position as Attorney General to protect children from cyber predators, to locate, track and capture Internet child sexual predators and Internet child pornographers. As Governor he will continue to make children's safety a top priority.


"The polluters already have great political clout in Santa Fe. We need a Governor who will stand up for environmental protection that preserves the beauty, resources and traditions of our state."

As Attorney General and as a state legislator, Gary King has fought hard to protect New Mexico's environment. He has taken on Martinez and the polluters to ensure common­-ground policies that both protect our water and air, and fuel economic growth and jobs.

•    Gary King leads the fight to block Martinez's Copper Mine Rule. It would give mine operators the right to pollute our groundwater and create a serious public health risk.
•    Gary King has led the fight to block the Valley Meat Company's horse slaughter plant in Roswell, because of its potentially harmful effect on ground water.
•     Gary King fought successfully to protect our clean air. He defeated the Bush-EPA's decision to permit the Desert Rock coal power plant in the Four Corners area. Gary King used his power as Attorney General to prove that EPA had not taken proper consideration of the greenhouse gas emissions and other hazardous air pollutants, and had not considered the Endangered Species Act in issuing a permit for the facility.
•    As a state legislator, Gary King secured passage of the landmark Mining Act, which established for the first time that mining companies operating in New Mexico must reclaim surface areas upon closure and establish long term, self-sustaining ecosystems.
•    Gary King used his position as Attorney General to protect New Mexico's most precious natural resource - our ground and surface water.
•    When Chevron Corporation defrauded taxpayers to make us pay for the clean up of its leaking petroleum storage tanks, Attorney General Gary King made Chevron refund the full cost of $5 million.


•     As Attorney General, Gary King helped advance the principle of marriage equality when he determined that the constitution forbids New Mexico from denying same-sex couples the freedom to marry. Gary King believes that when two committed people, regardless of their gender, want all of the rights and responsibilities of married couples, no one may stand in their way.
•     Gary King helped defeat an attack on women and women's health - and a family's right to decide what is right for themselves -when he determined that the Albuquerque ballot measure last November was unconstitutional and unenforceable.
•     Tribal communities in New Mexico feel the brunt of a higher unemployment rate than the rest of the state. Gary King will fight to implement creative policies to get jobs and economic growth to rural tribal members. He will be a partner with pueblos and tribes, and respect tribal sovereignty. That is why Gary King has been endorsed by Pojoaque Pueblo.
•     Gary King has advocated for the rights of Native American children to have a significant relationship with their parent's tribe, as was raised in the heartbreaking case of Baby Veronica.


Gary King grew up with his ranching family in Stanley, New Mexico. He is the son of former three-time Governor Bruce King, and Alice King. For the King family, public service to the people of our state is a strong tradition.
As Governor, Gary King will fight for the same values that have made New Mexico the best place to live, work, start a business and raise a family.


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"Attorney General Gary King is the only candidate families can trust to protect New Mexico's future."


Former Governor Bruce King and Alice King were steadfast advocates for
New Mexico's children. They instilled in Gary the strong belief that all children deserve access to a quality education and opportunities to succeed.

Gary attended public schools in his community, graduated from New Mexico State University, and went on to earn a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Colorado and a Law Degree from the University of New Mexico.

As New Mexico's Attorney General, Gary King is the only candidate with proven statewide experience putting child predators behind bars, cracking down on domestic violence and child abuse, and taking drugs off the streets to make our schools and neighborhoods safe.

Gary King puts New Mexico's families and children first

Governor Martinez is failing New Mexico's children. Under her watch, our state has fallen to 50th in the nation in child wellbeing. Enough is enough.

With over two decades of experience serving in the State Legislature and as Attorney General, Gary King has the integrity and experience we need to:

  • Strengthen schools so children can live up to their full potential
  • Reduce class sizes and increase teacher pay
  • Invest in early education and classroom resources to give our kids the tools to succeed
  • Make college more affordable and accessible so every child that wants a college education can get one

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"Governor Martinez has failed our children and compromised our state. As governor, I will put New Mexico back on the path to a prosperous future for everyone.  — GARY KING

May 18, 2014
Experience Makes King top governor challenger