Nov. 2, 2010 Governor 

Brochure (5 panels), 4 7/8" x 7" opens to  24 3/8" x 7.  

A New Way.
A New Day.

We Have

"I'm here to shine up the state. I want our small towns and big cities to realize their potential.
Now's our chance to do what we can for Ohio."

– John Kasich

Paid for by Kasich Taylor for Ohio, Bradley K. Sinnott, Treasurer, 340 East Gay St. Columbus, OH 43215

Ohio was once the promised land; a center of productivity, home of cutting-edge innovators, job-creating entrepreneurs, and families willing to work hard to earn their keep. But our state is in decline. Our people desperately need jobs and a strong economy. The last four years of weak leadership have failed our families and brought double-digit unemployment and over 300,000 lost jobs.

We need a proven leader with experience and drive equal to our seemingly overwhelming problems.

As an Ohio Congressman, John Kasich helped balance the federal budget, pay down the national debt, cut taxes, and usher in an era of historic economic growth and prosperity in this country.

As Governor, John Kasich will lead Ohio's comeback.

What it Takes

John Kasich for Governor
Mary Taylor for Lt. Governor

Mary Taylor
A Conservative and a CPA
with the Courage to Make Tough Choices.

  • Named "Watchdog of the Treasury" by the United Conservatives of Ohio
  • As State Representative, Voted Against the Largest Tax Increase in Ohio History
  • As State Auditor, Cut Her Own Agency's Budget by $6 Million Dollars
  • Blew the Whistle on $25.7 Million in Government Fraud and Wasted Funds
  • Rooted Out $7.5 Million in Medicaid Fraud

We Can Beat this Recession

John Kasich's entire career has prepared him to tackle the problems of the Statehouse and bring jobs to Ohio. With his experienced running mate, State Auditor Mary Taylor, he will bring to Ohio's unemployment problem an understanding that we can't tax our way to prosperity, that new jobs come from businesses that need positive state policies to grow.

A New Way – to Lead Ohio. A New Day – to Build a Comeback.

Join the Team. Share Your Talents. Spread the Word.

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"You can never climb a mountain alone. Have a purpose and invite people who share that purpose to climb with you."
– John Kasich

Card, 9" x 6".

John Kasich
For New Jobs and a Strong Economy

Reducing the Cost of Government
Evaluate everything government does to ensure that taxpayers are getting their money's worth.

Making Ohio Business-Friendly
Remove barriers like high taxes, excessive regulation, and frivolous lawsuits to help businesses succeed and create jobs.

Developing a 21st Century Workforce
Harness the great resources in our schools, colleges, and universities, and hold them accountable to equip Ohioans to meet the workforce demands of the 21 st century.

A New Way
to Lead.
A New Day
for Ohio.

John Kasich

Agriculture Means Jobs

Protect Farmers from HSUS
Oppose the efforts of out-of­-state groups like HSUS to put extreme regulations on Ohio's farmers.

Expand Trade
We must promote Ohio agriculture to the world and open new markets for all of Ohio's commodities and value-added products like alternative fuels and bioproducts.

Tear Down Barriers
Reduce taxes and restore common sense to regulations on Ohio's farmers.

Research and Technology
Agriculture in Ohio is already a high-tech industry. We can continually improve it with the help of our academic and research centers.

Our Roots are Strong. Our Work is Honest.
Agriculture Can Help Rebuild Ohio.

Paid for by Kasich Taylor for Ohio, Bradley K. Sinnott, Treasurer, 340 East Gay St. Columbus, OH 43215


Brochure, 7" x 5 3/8".

Ohio's Comeback
Begins Here.

We Can Sit and Watch
Continued Failure at the Statehouse...
Dayton Daily News
"Gov. Ted Strickland is recklessly, obstinately and selfishly putting Ohio on a horrible course."
(Source: Editorial, Dayton Daily News, 07/12/09)

"...single-handedly created one of the worst budget crises in the state's 206 year history."
(Source: Brent Larkin, The Plain Dealer, 09/27/09)

The Columbus Dispatch
"The Strickland administration has turned out to be one of the most dysfunctional in Ohio history."
(Source: Editorial, Columbus Dispatch, 10/01/09)

...or We Can

Get to Work and Fix Ohio Together.

Let's Fix Ohio. Together. Right Now.
John Kasich
John Kasich:
Bringing Jobs Back to Ohio
Ohio isn't just losing jobs to other countries; we're losing jobs to other states. Our economy has been mismanaged. We don't have to stand for that. Ohio used to be a place that rewarded hard work and entrepreneurial risk. It can be that place again.

John Kasich:
Getting Every Ohioan Involved
Ohio was built by hard-working, innovative people who knew how to solve problems. Entire industries were born here because Ohio has always been a place for big ideas. We can rebuild Ohio by tapping into our greatest resource – our people. Go to FixOhioNow.com and share your ideas with us today.

John Kasich:
Stop the Wasteful Spending
John Kasich successfully led the effort to balance the federal budget with a team of people willing to work hard and make tough decisions. In choosing Mary Taylor as his running mate, Kasich has already proven how serious he is about fixing Ohio's budget. State Auditor Mary Taylor is a Certified Public Accountant who has already saved the state over $33 million by rooting out waste, fraud and abuse.
It's the Comeback Ohio's Been Waiting For

"Join me in fixing Ohio. Go to FixOhioNow.com and give me your best ideas on rebuilding our job base and strengthening our economy. Together we can fix our great state."
--John Kasich

A New Way. A New Day.

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Paid for by Kasich Taylor for Ohio, Bradley K. Sinnott, Treasurer, 340 East Gay St. Columbus, OH 43215