Nov. 2, 2010 Governor 
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Alex Sink
Nobody's Governor But Yours

Accountability   Reform   Prosperity  Jobs

Alex Sink

Has a detailed business plan – built on 26 years of private sector experience – to revitalize our economy and put Floridians back to work now

Florida is suffering a crisis of leadership – a lack of business expertise at the top, a corrupt and scandal-plagued political system, and a failure to demand fiscal and ethical accountability from our government.

Alex Sink is the fresh new leadership we need to provide a new direction for our state.

She'll be an aggressive economic ambassador and a take-charge CEO, with an innovative strategy to diversify our economy, develop new industries, and attract new businesses.

Alex will be a no-nonsense Governor, with an eye on the bottom line, demanding high standards of performance, with zero tolerance for corruption, waste and inefficiency.

No patience for partisan games. No tolerance for special interest deals. Nobody's Governor but yours.

For a copy of Sink's plan, go to www.alexsink2010.com/businessplan

Alex Sink

Alex would be the first Governor in 12 years with children who graduated from Florida's public schools.

Alex Sink is "a thoughtful and moderate public servant whose instincts on policy are usually in step with most Floridians..."
St. Petersburg Times

"Sink advocated reforms to protect Florida's pension investments and cut waste in her own department, both of which support her claim to be a fiscal conservative."
The Palm Beach Post

Rod Smith
Alex's choice for Lt. Governor, Rod Smith, shares her commitment to diversifying Florida's economy and holding Tallahassee politicians accountable. As a former prosecutor, he'll be a strong partner in rooting out corruption and reforming Tallahassee.


Political advertisement paid for and approved by Alex Sink, Democrat, for Governor.

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Alex Sink Bio

Meet Alex

Alex Sink's story is all too rare these days. The story of a woman ready to lead Florida as governor – whose priorities and values, leadership style and perspective, were shaped by decades of real-world experience as a business leader and a life lived outside of politics.

A Different Kind of Leader

After a successful 26 year career in business, Alex Sink looked at state government and was troubled by what she saw: A system filled with career politicians and entrenched special interests. A system dominated by politics-as-usual, but woefully lacking in accountability, common sense, or real solutions for Florida.

So in 2006, never having sought elected office before, Alex ran for CFO.
In the words of the Daytona Beach News-Journal, Alex offered Floridians something new and different: "Unmatched business experience and forward-looking plans." Or, as the Bradenton Herald put it: "There's no need to pick a politician when there is a professional like Alex Sink standing in the wings."

Nearly every major newspaper in Florida endorsed Alex's candidacy for CFO, praising Alex's "impressive qualifications," noting "she has the perspectives of a businesswoman," and extolling her "results-driven demeanor and results-defining career."

A Commitment to Accountability
Today, as the state's elected CFO, Alex oversees approximately 2,000 employees and an annual budget of $200 million in the Department of Financial Services – where she puts her business experience and know-how to work as the determined fiscal and consumer watchdog for the people of Florida.

Time and again, Alex has cracked down on unnecessary spending and demanding accountability for Florida's contracts – including putting a stop to Project Aspire, an $89 million, over-budget and under-performing state accounting program she inherited upon taking office. Alex is setting a whole new standard for cutting waste in her own department, with businesslike steps such as consolidating consumer hotline centers and cutting millions in wireless and printing costs. She brought in other private sector experts and used their best practices to save $12 million a year for the state's risk management programs. And recently, Alex announced new reforms to streamline unnecessary middle management in her agency, creating greater efficiency and saving taxpayers $8 million to $10 million a year – a step that could save Florida as much as $277 million if done statewide.

Alex has also been an aggressive consumer advocate, launching important and long-overdue initiatives like the Safeguard Our Seniors Task Force to protect older Floridians from financial fraud, and Florida Housing Help, which provides assistance to Floridians facing mortgage foreclosure and connects homeowners with volunteer lawyers to help them stay in their homes.

Decades of Experience in the Real World
Florida has never had a governor who comes to the job with Alex Sink's hands-on, real-world experience in the private sector. And with over one million Floridians out of work and Florida consistently ranking among the top three states in the nation for home foreclosures – the time has come for a leader with Alex's business experience and know-how.

A respected leader in Florida's business community for over 25 years, Alex is running for governor with a plan to get Florida's economy moving again now – and create long-term economic prosperity well into the future.

Before her election in 2006, Alex worked her way up during a distinguished business career that culminated in her leadership of Florida's largest bank. Alex managed more than $40 billion in customer deposits while supervising more than 9,000 employees in 800 branches and earning a reputation for credibility, integrity and dedication to her local customers.

During her career, Alex helped thousands of Floridians get the resources they needed to start or expand their own businesses, both large and small, and helped everyday Floridians achieve dreams like sending their children to college.

Leadership through Service for Florida

While in the private sector, Alex repeatedly gave back to her state and community. Governor Lawton Chiles appointed Alex to the Florida Commission on Government Accountability to the People, charged with finding ways state government could be more responsive to the people of Florida. As vice chair of Florida TaxWatch, she became a recognized leader on fiscal responsibility. And Alex dedicated herself to Florida's children through her service on Governor Chiles' Commission on Education, the Hillsborough Education Foundation and as chair of Take Stock in Children.

Alex's civic work also includes service in the Florida Chapter of the Nature Conservancy, Junior Achievement of West Central Florida and as chairman of the board of the United Way of Hillsborough County.

Proud Mother with Rural Roots
Alex grew up on a farm in Mt. Airy, North Carolina, and earned a degree in mathematics from Wake Forest University. She resides in Thonotosassa with her husband, Bill McBride. They are the proud parents of Bert, a senior and football player at Stanford University, and Lexi, a junior at Wake Forest University.

-For full details visit: www.alexsink2010.com-

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Florida needs a new direction and a leader who cares about our priorities. For too long, politicians in Tallahassee have focused on their own needs instead of the needs of Floridians. They've let our economy slide into crisis and tried to put Tallahassee in charge of local school decisions that should be made by parents, teachers, and communities.

When I'm your governor, I'll bring accountability to government and a plan to transform our economy and improve education. I want the wasteful spending cut, the partisanship out the door, and the corruption cleaned up.

With my 26 years as a business leader, I have the experience and know-how to get it done!

–Alex Sink





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Political advertisement paid for and approved by Alex Sink, Democrat, for Governor.
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