Presidential Candidate Speeches

May 23, 2020

John Monds

[Nominating Speeches: Halima Monds, Paige Sexton, Chase Oliver.(GA)]

Mr. Chair, I accept the nomination to place my name in consideration for President of the United States of America on behalf of the Libertarian Party.

For those delegates who may not have heard from me or about me, I'll give you a little bit of my backstory. Native of Detroit. After15 years my family and I moved to Florida where I graduated high school with honors. From there, I moved on to Atlanta, Georgia and attended Morehouse College, where I received a banking and finance degree. Moving back to Detroit after working a few years with an investment firm, I changed careers and began working at a regional airline. It was in my hometown of Detroit that I met the love of my life, my wife Dr. Kathaleena Monds. With her, we've had four children. And we decided to move to Georgia, back to Georgia, and raise them. For the past 20 years I've been a homeschool dad, a stay at home dad and homeschool parent. And in that time I've had two college graduates and one that you heard from earlier, Halima, is a second generation libertarian, and a college senior at 19 years of age.

And Georgia is is where I found the Libertarian Party, and for the last 15 years I've been active from day one. In my four previous races, I've had 1.8 million votes cast for the LP. And I don't say that to brag; I say it to inspire other candidates to be involved. Two of those races were ballot access races to maintain that in Georgia. I understand ballot access. I'm involved in a federal lawsuit right now to help Georgia hopefully overturn a statute that has kept our U.S. House candidates off the ballot since 1940s. Got it to the Federal Court of Appeals.

I've been on the Georgia ExComm for years. I've started local affiliates. And from there, and this experience, I'd like to lend my race for president, What do I bring? I call my race, and my candidacy 'the total package." I understand what's important. I understand ballot access. I understand that messaging is key. You don't see any wavering in my statements on ending the wars—bringing the troops home, the drones home. You don't see any wavering on ending the income tax, ending the drug war, and pardons and commutations of nonviolent offenders in federal prison. That's what I've done for 15 years, and I've been consistent. And that's what I want to continue to do.

And I know the plan for me is to go state by state, not in a top-down manner. No dictating what everybody needs or wants from the candidate, but asking those states across the country, "What do you need from me? How can I help your down ballot candidates? How can I help your ballot access issues? That's what I bring to this race.

I have broad appeal, whether it's from the Mises caucus or the pragmatic caucus, the radical caucus or even the Waffle House caucus. And the reason I get that is not only because of my message and how I believe in the party. But also because I treat people, all people, candidates outside of the party and in the party with respect, and I think that's what we all need to do.

And the message for freedom is so key to me. And one of those reasons is that I am a descendant of slaves here in Georgia—Columbus and Morning Ferguson, who were my inspiration for joining this race. In previous races, the party would ask me, did I want to run, could I help? But in this particular race, I was inspired by my great grandparents, because I know how much freedom is important not just for me and my family but for yours as well. Now is the time. We can't revise history and say, well, if I lived in 1776 I would have been one of the revolutionaries. If I was living during slavery, I would have been an abolutionist. No, we have today. And I'm not afraid to bring a strong message that's clear, that we can win.

I know what we believe and the platform that we have will be popular with everybody, like it is with me and I'll spread that message.That is my guarantee to you. I'm a candidate you can trust. I've been here a long time. I didn't just pop out of nowhere, and I'll be here even longer. So I ask for your support, I ask for your vote. If I'm not your first choice, let me be your second and I'll make sure to do you proud. My website is, and I look forward to representing this party in a way that will make us grow with membership, votes and success. And I yield back my time. Thank you Mr. Chair.

Adam Kokesh

[video: Elijah Gizzarelli (CA), Zach Parks (Christians for Kokesh), Joie Leigh (Stoners for Kokesh), Chris Cole (Victims of Family Law for Kokesh), Marcus Pulis (IN), Stacey Kokesh]

My fellow libertarians, my name is Adam Kokesh, but you might know me as Adam versus the Man, and I'm seeking the Libertarian nomination for president of the United States of America. And it's such a great honor to be a part of this party as we persist in our business despite current challenges. We find ourselves gathering in extraordinary circumstances, difficult times for most Americans. We seem to have been bullied out of our convention plan for Austin, to meet online instead because of a forced unemployment crisis in the name of a state of emergency using a virus with a lower death rate than testifying against Hillary Clinton as the excuse. As tough as this weekend may be for us, please keep in mind the tens of millions of Americans out of work and struggling right now, which includes many of us gathered here today.

As you know, governments have a habit of using fake emergencies to take away freedom and consolidate wealth and power, The coronavirus pandemic is a real reason to pull together, support the vulnerable and direct resources to those in need,not to panic and not to support a policy that violates individual rights. This is not the time to cower. This is the time to be brave, to be

Real courage is not the brutal force of government agents in uniforms, but the steadfast
conviction of principles, logic and love.

After the last debate, I'm happy to switch my VP endorsement from John McAfee to Larry Sharpe. Years ago I was fed some bad intel about Larry, accusing him of things of which he was innocent. Despite my rushed handling of the situation, Larry's grace and patience made it possible to settle things like adults. We have become friends since, and we have discussed localization extensively. I know that if I have the honor of having him as a running mate, he would be a great advocate, advocate for localization. And as two former Marines, [inaud.], we would be uniquely positioned to unite America, against the pro-war duopoly.

Now, even if you only like me half as much as your preferred candidate, you should still vote for me, because I will work way more than twice as hard and be way more effective than anyone else in using this opportunity to grow our movement for the long run. I will be a full time candidate, not just between now and November, but if if we don't win this year, between now and 2024 as well. I have an unmatched record of hustle, and I know with your nomination I'm only going to get more effective. I'm 38 years old. I've been at this full time for 14 years, and I have at least a few decades left in me, but I'm planning on seeing a world set free long before I'm forced to retire. You can take my microphone when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.

A vote for me is a long term investment and freedom and the party. We have seen a very divided party coming into this convention, but we cannot let ourselves be divided when our leadership is needed now more than ever to unite America.

We are the only party that is anti-war, anti drug war, anti surveillance state, which makes us the only party that is pro-peace, pro-human dignity, pro-freedom.

Localization is the only policy that fully embodies our principles in a practical step forward that every American can agree on. Localization is the cure for polarization.

I'm running for the Libertarian Party nomination for president because I want you to be able to rest assured that your nominee is someone who will be taken seriously, who Is always cool, calm and collected, who Isn't boring, Who can consistently get national media, who can get in the debates, who can excite and motivate people, who isn't running on a gimmick, who doesn't have votes or unethical status positions that you would have to apologize for. Someone who can leverage existing name ID, who can unite the American people with practical policy that immediately improves life for all Americans, and can let the world know why people like you, people like me will do whatever it takes to stand up to government and achieve our goal of a world set free in our lifetimes.

The American people know that the difference between Republicans and Democrats is like the difference between going off a cliff at 70 miles an hour versus 80 miles an hour. You can't go to them and tell them it's gonna be okay because we can take you off the cliff at 10 miles an hour. No, we have to offer a fundamentally new direction for America. We have to offer policy that is fundamentally different. Something unifying. That new direction is localization.

So please join me and taking our message to a new level by offering the American people a real alternative. I humbly ask for your vote and for the honor of being your nominee.

Jo Jorgensen

[Nominating Speeches: Steve Dasbach, Elizabeth Bryerly, Darryl Perry (NH), Laura Ebke (NE), Sam Robb (PA)]

I am I'm honored to be amongst everybody who has run for office and Sam [Robb], you ran a great race, it was, I enjoyed seeing you. So, I'm running for president because government is too big, too bossy, too nosy and way too intrusive. And worst of all, it hurts the very people it tries to help. I'm also running because I have two children and a grandchild.

I myself am the grandchild of immigrants. It was my grandmother who instilled in me a love of our country because she knew what it was like to grow up in a place without our freedoms. When I was young, she spent many hours telling me about how great our country is and how in the old country it didn't matter how hard you worked; everyone got the same. How in our country you can work more and keep the extra. You can get further and have a much better life for your family. I'd like to make a couple of points about my grandmother's background.

First you might think that her stories were told from some large house in some gated community, after coming here for untold riches. No. She and my grandfather actually retired to a trailer. Well, or mobile home as she liked to correct me, but it was a wonderful community. She thought that living in her mobile home in our country was much better than living in her old country because here she had freedom.

The other point, you might think that she came from communist Russia or some other country. But no, she came here from Denmark. The sad thing now is our country does look a lot more like Denmark, than it did when my grandmother moved here. My grandmother was running away from Denmark. Well our politicians are running toward it. I'm running for president, because I want to leave the legacy of America to my grandchildren, not the legacy of Denmark. I want my grandchildren to grow up in the kind of the kind of country that my grandmother did here in America. For one thing, a country that's open to immigrants, so that people like my hardworking grandparents can move here, a country in which my grandchildren can work extra and keep most of the extra.

And here's what's ironic. My other grandfather immigrated from Sweden. His family also moved to America for freedom. And now look at what we have. People in Sweden are now able to move about freely, while here in America we're all under house arrest.

As President, I want to return our country to the place my grandparents moved to—moved to.

I will champion legislation to end the federal income tax, and to cut spending accordingly. Each American family will have back on average about $12,000 a year, money they can use to put a down payment on a house or a mobile home, pay off credit cards, or help a family member in need. Ending the income tax will result in millions of new jobs, so it doesn't just help the people who are earning the money, it helps the underprivileged, minorities, others who are looking for a job.

America has been at war for 18 years. This must end now. As President, I will immediately order our troops home and dramatically downsize military spending. America will be one giant Switzerland, armed and neutral. We'll end the horrendous casualties of war, and the risk of terrorism will go down. America will be at peace with the world.

The War on Drugs has caused much more human suffering than the actual drug use. It's time for a drug peace. As President, I will pardon and free non violent prisoners convicted of so called crimes where there is no victim on day one. Drug gangs will go out of business. Our streets and our homes will be safe again. The Land of the Free will no longer lead the world in incarceration. Whistleblowers who expose government crimes corruptions must be protected, not persecuted.
On day one I will pardon and free Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and Ross Ulbricht.

Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid should never have been enacted into law, but proposing to end them abruptly, pulling the rug out from the elderly and the sick who are dependent on it will get us nowhere. It's not fair to the people who were forced to pay Social Security all their lives. They were taken—the choice to keep their retirement money was taken away from them. On day one, I would allow taxpayers to immediately opt out of Social Security and rapidly sell off government assets so that the people who paid in for 40, 50, 60 years will have something.

One thing I'd like to address is the myth that we have a free market health care system. We don't. That's why costs have skyrocketed. Democrat Barack Obama made things worse under Obamacare, then Republicans sold out the American people when they refused to repeal Obamacare. As president I will work with Congress to unleash a truly free market. No one will even want Medicaid when free and low cost alternatives are here everywhere. We will have more options, free clinics for the poor will abound, and we'll have convenience so mothers can take their children to a clinic at 11 o'clock at night and not put up with emergency rooms.

Here's my message to American people. If you want an alternative to Donald Trump or Joe Biden, I offer you that choice. I ask for your vote to be the Libertarian nominee for president. Let's grow this party. Let's give voters a bold choice for freedom, the same freedom that my grandparents came to this country for.

Thank you so much. I would appreciate your voting me, voting for me for the presidential nomination and I'm very honored again to be among the people who are qualified.

Jacob Hornberger

[Nominating Speeches: Howard Blitz (AZ), Angela McCardle (CA), Thomas Hill (NC)]

Mr. Chairman and delegates to the 2020 Libertarian Party National Convention, I respectfully accept this nomination to be the 2020 Libertarian Party candidate for president of the United States.

With the welfare-warfare state both Democrats and Republicans have damaged or destroyed our lives, liberty, peace, prosperity, morals, conscience and health.

They have inflicted and continued to inflict massive death and suffering on countless people around the world with their invasions, bombs, assassinations, sanctions, and coups.

They have destroyed the greatest economic system in history, economic liberty and voluntary charity, with a socialist welfare state system that has severely damaged people's ability to accumulate savings, led by their two immoral and bankruptcy producing socialist programs, Social Security and Medicare, both of which are funded by coercive income taxation brutally enforced by the IRS, one of the most evil and tyrannical agencies in the history of our country.

Their welfare state has damaged people's faith in freedom, themselves, other, free markets and voluntary charity, while also inculcating a mindset of fearful dependency on government largess. Their welfare state has damaged our sense of genuine compassion and care for people that can only come from the willing and voluntary hearts of free individuals. A free people can always be relied upon, not only to generate massive personal financial savings, but also to take care of parents, grandparents, the poor, and others in need on a purely voluntary basis.

Their welfare warfare state has saddled Americans with $25 trillion in debt and 150 trillion in unfunded liabilities, which especially burdens the poorest people in our society.

Their centrally planned socialist health care system has brought financial bankruptcy to countless Americans, especially the poor and the middle class through soaring health care costs, as well as unnecessary death, suffering and tyranny and oppression to our land as part of the coronavirus crisis.

They have destroyed the finest monetary system in history with their Federal Reserve, and have plundered and looted people for decades through monetary debasement, wiping out the savings of indigent widows and widowers and other people on fixed incomes.

They have destroyed liberty and privacy with their evil, immoral, deadly, violent, corrupt, destructive and racially bigoted war on drugs as exemplified by Michael Holmes, a black man in North Carolina, who has now served 30 years of a 200-year jail sentence for a nonviolent drug offense.

They have brought death, suffering and a police state with their immoral socialist system of immigration controls as exemplified by the bodies of a young father and his three year old daughter recently found on the shores of the Rio Grande, as well as their police state highway checkpoints that subject poor, dark skinned Hispanic Americans who are traveling inside the United States to intrusive personal searches.

Worst of all, they converted our limited government Republic to a national security state with totalitarian powers, one that subjected many unsuspecting poor people to horrific drug experiments.

We libertarians are the only ones who can lead America out of this horrific morass. We are the light of freedom and conscience that shines through this darkness of death, suffering, socialism, tyranny, coercion and oppression into which both Democrats and Republicans have plunged our nation.

We need to bring all the troops home from everywhere and restore America's founding foreign policy of non interventionism. We need to dismantle America's welfare state and restore America's founding system of economic liberty, free markets and voluntary charity. We need to recapture the genuine sense of care and compassion for others that can come only out of the religion involuntary hearts of individuals, guided by religious and moral considerations and the exercise of individual conscience, rather than the gun of an IRS agent or the banality of a welfare state bureaucrat.

We need to restore faith and family values, and in the freedom of children to honor mother and father on a purely voluntary basis.

We need to restore faith in people to take care of seniors and the poor, the needy and the disadvantaged on a purely voluntary basis.

We need to separate health care and the state,and restore our founding system of a free market health care system.

We need to end the Fed, and establish a sound money, free market monetary system.

We need to restore religious, moral and freedom principles and care and compassion to our land by opening the borders to the free movements of goods, services and people, especially the poor, who are seeking to sustain, or improve their lives through labor.

We need to legalize drugs, all of them, and leave drug treatment in the private sector. We especially need to empty our prisons of the thousands of African Americans and others who are rotting away in jail for nonviolent drug offenses.

We need to dismantle the income tax and the IRS, whose political plundering and stealing finance their welfare-warfare state.

We need to free the American people to show the world how our free people bring economic prosperity, personal savings and genuine care and compassion to a society by voluntarily helping those in need.

We need to dismantle the national security state and restore a nation's founding governmental system of a limited government Republic with just a basic military force, whose only mission is to protect the United States.

These are the things we need to do to achieve our goal of a free society. We libertarians are the only ones who can lead America to freedom and genuine charity, care and compassion, and there's but one way to do that: through the application of our libertarian principles.

That's why I've entered this race to be your 2020 presidential candidate. I want to be free in my lifetime. I want everyone to be free in my lifetime. I want to restore the freest, most prosperous and most charitable, caring, compassionate society in history. To achieve freedom, we must act with courage steadfastness perseverance and determination. I say, let's wage a bold and aggressive campaign against these people, Democrats and Republicans alike, who have destroyed our liberty and our well being and who have inflicted so much damage on the exercise of conscience and the genuine care and compassion that come with a free society.

We are the party of principle. Let's be bold. Let's run a campaign of principle for the party of principle. Let's lead America and the world to the highest reaches of freedom, peace, prosperity, care, and passion, health, and harmony, that mankind has ever seen.

Mr. Chairman and delegates to the 2020 LP national convention, it is one of the greatest honors of my life to accept this nomination to be your candidate for president of the United States.

I also want to take this opportunity to endorse Spike Cohen as vice president. Spike and I went door to door in the poorest African American neighborhoods in Wilmington, North Carolina, getting unbelievable positive reaction from every person we talked to you. He is one of the most dedicated, committed, principled libertarians—a libertarian who's willing to walk the walk. That's the kind of person we need as vice president. Thank you so much.

Jim Gray
[Nominating Speeches: Larry Sharpe emceed. Ryan Jenkins (age 12, TN), Chris Rufer (CA), Lauren Daugherty (TX), former Gov. Gary Johnson (NM)]

So, you've seen the candidates. It's all or nothing. [If] that's your desire, you want to strike forward and abolish this, that and the other thing right now, you have all of the other candidates to address. if you want someone different, if you want somebody that has a plan,you've got only Judge Jim Gray.

You know, you have my background. I have that libertarian strength throughout my life. In fact back when I was in law school, I saw something that was wrong. Nixon put our troops into Cambodia, and I'd led a peace march from USC campus to the steps of City Hall of Los Angeles. We mailed 20,000 letters to President Nixon demanding that he gets our troops out of Cambodia.

When I was a judge, only in for nine years ,1992, I saw something that I knew was wrong. Yes, I was a former drug warrior, but I knew that drug prohibition had failed us, and I held a press conference—judges, don't do that—but I held a press conference saying that, look, this isn't working, anything would be better than this. Took a lot of heat for it, yes, but I'm still here, and sometimes things are more important than job security.

I also showed that there is in fact a libertarian strength in addition to that. I was libertarian caring and that would be when I was in a Peace Corps [en Espanol], a small town in Costa Rica, and I was there in the Peace Corps. And I learned from them; they learned from me. Okay, so the background, the strength, the libertarian caring, but there's more.

There's the creativity. I would see problems in my, in my job. For example, I started the first drug court in the country. Within six months of my taking the bench back in 1984, where I saw alcohol related offenses were just not being addressed; we were putting people in jail and the rest of that, but not addressing the fundamental problem. So yes, I put that in. I received a letter for example from a woman. Dear Judge Gray, I was going to divorce my husband; he'd get drunk, he'd beat me up, he would be irresponsible with the children, but now he's on your program. Thank you. You've given me my husband back. That sort of creativity.

Peer court, where we actually addressed in 14 different high schools in Orange County now where I live, we actually addressed juvenile delinquency issues and spread the message about mentoring, not only to the subject, but also to the jurors, and also to about 50 more students. I took that message, took those lessons and actually turned it into a musical. It's called "Americans All." I'm proud of it; it's been performed by high schools and colleges. You can see some of the music on Go see "Americans All." Well, I'm proud of that.

So, I am a libertarian. I was yesterday. I am today, and I will be tomorrow. Back in 2004, I was a Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate, David Nolan was of vast assistance, our founder, vast assistance with me on that campaign. And I'm proud to say, as you probably know, I was the Libertarian vice presidential candidate in 2012 with Governor Gary Johnson. It made me proud.

In addition, I have been writing a blog for about five years now. It's called "Two Paragraphs for Liberty," and now I've turned that into a book as well just at the end of 2019. "Two Paragraphs for Liberty: Solutions that are Practical, Effective, Responsible, Lbertarian." Notice we put in the word libertarian. And by the way, long before I entered this race. I've donated or will donate the proceeds of that book to the Libertarian Party.

In addition to the last year I've hosted a podcast, it's called "All Rise, the Libertarian Way with Judge Jim Gray." We bring in and mainstream that word libertarian, which is in my heart. And in addition, I've written something called "One Man's Libertarian White Paper," given it to numbers of down ballot candidates asking them, feel free to use any part of it as you wish. Plagiarism is good in that sense. So that's where we are. We are doing this.

There's more in fact, because we have a plan, unlike any of the other candidates. Yes, we have a plan to win this election, starting in the five small states, gaining momentum there, getting press coverage there, and then we will spread to the rest of the country. Hey you see these Libertarian candidates in these states are getting 20—polling 20% 22, 25, pretty soon it'll be on the Dallas Morning News, it'll be in the Chicago Tribune. That's the plan. We'll help the down ballot candidates and of course help with ballot access. So these are things that we have.

I've also been involved since ever since 1992 with mainstream media. They know me. I got a call just recently from CBS News. I was on the O'Reilly Factor twice; actually he didn't particularly agree with me, but he invited me back; on ABC News specials, John Stossel, etc. So, these things are huge, the ballot access. Judge Jim Gray and Larry Sharpe will be able to legitimize, to show, to make a campaign that you will be proud to show to your friends, your family, your acquaintances; it will help those down ballot candidates. And when we start campaigning, when we start getting in those polls, certainly help those down ballot candidates as well.

So, we have plans for sunset provisions to audit the federal agencies, to show, shine a light, so everybody in the country—because it will be publicized—everyone in the country will audit with us and they will see: Wait, we don't want that, that's duplicative. No, that's a state issue. We will shrink and shrink, with an eye toward abolishing a lot of those, those agencies. The Bureau of Indian Affairs, Department of Education, that sort of thing. That's what we will be doing.

So with that, I can tell you to the friend—to the other candidates, abolish the IRS. Yes, we'd love to do that. We have a plan, it's called "From a Crutch to a Ladder," and this will help people climb out of poverty. Is it perfect? No but it's making things so much better. And then when people see that it's better, they will start saying, Oh, look, these libertarian programs work. I am a libertarian also. So we can then get 80% of the way to abolish the IRS. Maybe they'll start thinking about going the rest of the way.

So that's where we're doing. Along the way, we will grow the party. We will help our libertarian candidates, we will change the culture in our country. People will understand, make accessible libertarian thought, libertarian values, libertarian principles. We were proud, again, to be able to present these with you. I think he will be proud of what we do. And so, we will unify the party. We will unify the country, which so desperately needs it now. They want that third voice, graysharpe2020dotcom. I'm sure that we will be able to make that happen.

o as we promised I vow to you again, you can visit us. you can join us, you can support us, you can help us move mountains. And if you do or even if you don't, we will do you proud. Thank you for the opportunity of sharing these thoughts and I certainly would appreciate your consideration and your support. Thank you. Good luck to us all.

Vermin Supreme

[Nominating Speeches: Avens O'Brien (CA; The Libertarian Republic), Hodey Johns (We Are Libertarians podcast), Spike Cohen (running mate)]

Thank you, Spike, thank you, Avens, and thank you Hodey. An actual 20. Fellow delegates and members of the Libertarian Party in America. I am humbled to be nominated today for the highest honor the LP can to bestow, the presidential ticket.

While we are a young party. we are a mighty one. And I believe the addition of my personal media savvy and outside social media influence together can create something truly memorable.

There are many thousands if not millions of disenfranchised left wing and other voters this year disgusted by the corruption of the DNC and ready to vote against the system. A Vermin Supreme campaign can win those votes over for us and in many cases already has. Those voters are not, are not authoritarians because they have a love for government. No, they are anti authoritarians because they see the same failures of government that we do. They see the problems of endless wars, a militarized police system, corporate bailouts, oil subsidies. And the only political figure that has been able to connect with them and present a response was Bernie Sanders.

We see those same issues and propose solutions based on freedom, based on voluntary-ism, and based on love and mutual aid. And those voters will come around, not just at the ballot box in November, but will support and grow the movement for liberty for a generation to come. During this campaign alone, I have brought into the party people who were not only supporting other party's presidential campaigns, I have brought into this party staff from the other party's campaigns, who bring us a wealth of experience in the strategy and successful growth of campaigns. I have put together a team of amazing people, principled libertarians and some not libertarians yet, across this great country of ours and we have done incredible things, and we continue to do great things and to build the campaign as your nominee.

Our campaign ad, "You are the Power," has been seen over 100,000 times just in the last week, without any mainstream coverage or paid airings on television. In that same short amount of time before this convention, we received over 200 new donations, mostly from people outside the party.

I fully respect the practice of delegates choosing the vice presidential candidate. And if you watched the VP debate that take place, I trust that you, like I, will agree that Spike Cohen is the correct choice for vice president. The chemistry, the balance and the shared visions of our messaging work very well together, and I feel that he is my most workable partner in spreading the message of liberty to the rest of the country. While I can speak passionately on many topics, those that I am weaker on are those were my partner shines and our voices amplify and strengthen as a ticket in this way. Remember, an endorsement for Spike Cohen is an endorsement for Vermin Supreme.

Our party has fantastic candidates running for our nomination this year and I would like to publicly thank them, and invite them to join my team if I'm blessed to receive your votes, I would enjoy nothing more than a Supreme-Cohen ticket with Jacob Hornberger as an economic adviser, with John Monds as, John Monds as an outreach coordinator, with Dan Berman and Jo Jorgensen as media surrogates [Time's Up] and every single one of our candidates united behind the nominee. We do our best as movement when we stand united and I want to see us leave this first  [I'm sorry Mr. Supreme, your time is up]  Thank you. Thank you.  Together we can see a world set free in our lifetime. Thank you.

ed. Supreme was the only candidate cut off.  His running mate spoke for a relatively long time, but also made one of the strongest nominating speeches.