Poor People's Campaign

Des Moines, IA | Moral March on Debate

January 14 @ 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm CST
First Christian Church Des Moines
2500 University Ave, Des Moines, Iowa 50311
The Poor People’s Campaign Demands a Full Presidential Debate on Poverty: Saving the Heart and Soul of Our Democracy

Although the Poor People’s Campaign issued a challenge to candidates on both sides of the aisle and 9 presidential candidates vowed to push for a debate on poverty at the Poor People’s Moral Action Congress, it’s been 6 months, 20 hours of debates in 2019, and 28 debates since 2016 – there still remain 140 million poor and low wealth people in this country and no debate nor serious political discussion or action on poverty.

One week from today, come join the Poor People’s Campaign as we challenge candidates and organizers to make good on their promise to hold a minimum of 1 primetime televised debate in both the primary and the general elections on poverty and the interlocking issues of systemic racism, ecological devastation, militarism and the war economy, and the distorted moral narrative of Christian Nationalism. We can’t allow another debate to go by or election season to continue without putting the issues facing the American people at the center.

Meet at 1st Christian Church – Des Moines at 4:30pm
Moral March on Debate at 4:45pm
Press Conference at 5:00pm

Hear from poor people, moral leaders, and clergy from Iowa and across the country about how the poor are the most impacted by climate chaos, war, the lack of health care, & low wage jobs. And join a fusion movement rising up to save the soul of our democracy and this world.

Our deep love of the 140 million people poor or low-wealth people (43% of Americans) in this county, with 1.1 million poor and low-wealth people living in Iowa, calls the Poor People’s Campaign to action. We will not let another presidential debate take place without furthering our call for a full debate on poverty!