4th Quarter 2019 Fundraising Results

Fourth Quarter 2019
At least four campaigns (Biden, Klobuchar, Sanders and Yang) raised more in the fourth quarter than in any prevvious quarter.  The Sanders campaign topped the Democratic field at $34.5 million but the top take was achieved by the Trump campaign at $46 million.

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Biden for President
January 2, 2020

Biden for President Delivers Best Fundraising Quarter of the Campaign

Campaign reports $22.7 million raised in Q4 of 2019

Doubles online fundraising compared to last quarter   

Today, Biden for President announced that it raised $22.7 million during the final three months of 2019, which marks the campaign’s best performing quarter and totals $59.5 million raised since Joe Biden launched his campaign on April 25.

Biden for President doubled its online fundraising and increased its overall fundraising by 49% compared to last quarter, demonstrating financial momentum at the same time as Vice President Biden’s lead nationally has grown. More than half of the campaign’s donors this quarter were first time contributors to the campaign and 98% of all donations are from grassroots donors. 

“Today’s announcement is just the latest evidence of Joe Biden’s growing strength and momentum heading into the early contests of 2020,” said Greg Schultz, Campaign Manager, Biden for President. “These numbers clearly demonstrate Donald Trump’s lies and attacks on the Vice President have only cemented and expanded his support, serving as a constant reminder to Democratic primary voters that Trump is terrified by the idea of facing Joe Biden in a general election. We’re also seeing significant support from Democrats who previously supported other candidates and are now rallying behind the candidate they believe can bring the country together and beat Donald Trump.” 

This quarter: 
  • Digital donations doubled compared to last quarter 
  • Average digital revenue per day more than doubled (+121%) during impeachment compared to the weeks prior 
  • Average online contribution of $23 and an overall average contribution of $41
  • The most common occupation among donors remains educators
All campaign finance events are publicly announced and include members of the media, and have since the beginning of this campaign, reflecting Vice President Biden’s longstanding commitment to transparency. 

Biden for President does not accept donations from federally registered lobbyists or corporate PACs. Vice President Biden has signed the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge and does not accept donations from SEC-named fossil fuel executives or fossil fuel PACs. 


Cory 2020
January 3, 2020

Cory 2020 Will Report Best Fundraising Quarter Yet, Raises $6.6 Million in Fourth Quarter

Record quarter powered by grassroots surge; half of Q4 total came from first-time donors

Newark, NJ — Cory 2020 had its best fundraising quarter during the last three months of 2019, raising $6.6 million thanks to a groundswell of new grassroots support. 

Over half of Cory 2020’s Q4 total came from donors who were giving to the campaign for the first time, and 96 percent of people who gave for the first time in Q4 donated via Cory 2020’s online fundraising program. Cory 2020’s average online donation in the fourth quarter was $22.98.

“We’re thrilled to have closed out 2019 with our best fundraising quarter yet, despite not being able to join the December debate stage due to the artificial thresholds that prevented viable candidates from participating,” said Cory 2020 campaign manager Addisu Demissie. 

“But to put it bluntly, we’re still behind the fundraising of a field of predominantly white candidates who have been able to haul in significantly greater sums of money or tap into their personal fortunes to fund their campaigns. In the wake of Julian Castro’s departure, we find ourselves at a juncture where what started out as the most diverse field of candidates running for president in our nation’s history is increasingly becoming one that does not reflect the rich diversity of our party and of our country. 

“Despite the barriers, we are running hard at this challenge, getting stronger, and asking everyone who wants to keep Cory competitive in this race to go to corybooker.com and help support our campaign.”

These contributions have made it possible for the campaign to go up on the airwaves with television ads for the first time and remain competitive as the campaign enters the home stretch in Iowa, where momentum for Cory has continued to build. 
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Pete for America
January 1, 2020
To: Interested Parties
From: Mike Schmuhl, Campaign Manager
Re: Q4 Fundraising Numbers 

Pete for America Raises More Than $24.7 Million in Q4, Totaling Over $76 Million for 2019

Over 733,000 Individual Donors Contributed This Year


Powered by grassroots energy from all 50 states, Pete for America will file an FEC report this month showing we have raised more than $24.7 million during the 4th quarter, bringing the total raised to more than $76 million since the beginning of the year. With more than 2 million donations by more than 733,000 individuals in 2019, it’s clear the American people are responding to Pete’s message of rallying our country together around bold solutions that will build the coalition we need to beat Trump and usher in a new era the day after Trump leaves office. 


Of the over $76 million we’ve received this year, 98 percent of contributions were less than $200, and the average contribution was approximately $38. In the fourth quarter alone, 326,000 individuals contributed to our campaign, with an average donation of roughly $33. Our grassroots support continues to grow, and every single day we are building the strong campaign we need to compete in and win the Democratic primary.


These figures are even more astounding considering that Pete started this race less then a year ago as an unknown candidate, with just a few staffers and zero dollars in the bank. But what we did have was a shared vision of bringing a new kind of politics to Washington and changing the trajectory of our country. This quarter, Pete solidified himself as a top tier presidential candidate, not by tapping into the fundraising list or bank account of a sitting Senator or someone who had run for president before, but by speaking to voters who for too long have been let down by politicians in Washington and are looking for a better path forward. 


What's clear is Pete has demonstrated that he has the appeal, message, and leadership to build a winning organization to not only secure the nomination, but to defeat Donald Trump this year.


Pete has built a movement and a campaign that Americans from all backgrounds and walks of life are ready to rally around to win the White House and lead the country the day after the Trump presidency. We're seeing this in Iowa with record-setting crowds in towns big and small –– and in places that haven’t seen many Democratic candidates come through. We’re getting first time caucusgoers to commit to caucus for Pete. And we’re visiting counties that voted for Trump in 2016 - like Elkader, Decorah and Fort Madison - and thousands are turning out for Pete week after week. Here are a few highlights of the operation we’ve built in 2019:


  • During the fourth quarter, our campaign staff increased to over 500 people nationwide. 
  • We went from zero field offices at the beginning of the year in early states to 65, including 35 offices - the most of any top-tier presidential campaign - and more than 100 organizers in Iowa. 
  • Beyond the early states, we have a team that has been actively organizing for months across the country to help foster Pete For America leadership teams leading thousands of volunteers nationwide. 
  • Just this past weekend, Pete visited four Iowa counties that flipped from Obama to Trump in 2016 and drew crowds larger than any other primary candidate this cycle. He’s already visited more than 20 counties that flipped from Obama to Trump. In Centerville, Iowa, Pete drew hundreds out for a town hall in a county that Trump won by 36 points. The chair of the county Democrats said it was the largest crowd she had ever seen in Centerville.
  • Pete continues gain endorsements across Iowa and early states, including former seven-term state Rep. Deb Berry –– one of the longest serving African American legislators in Iowa.


In Iowa, our organizers have been talking to caucusgoers on the ground since the beginning of the summer. But our campaign has also been steadily investing in states beyond the first contest. In New Hampshire, we’ve grown to a staff of 70, opened offices in every single county, and have turned out one of the biggest crowds of any candidate this cycle in the state. We were one of the first to run television ads in Nevada and in South Carolina, and we’ve invested $2 million in paid media ahead of the South Carolina primary to continue to introduce voters to Pete in the Palmetto State. We’ve also built up a nationwide network of supporters and volunteers with leadership in 95 percent of congressional districts around the country. This has provided the infrastructure we need to compete in every district in every state and will pay dividends as we move beyond the early contests. 


We are proud of how far we have come as a campaign, and our work continues. We are 33 days from the Iowa caucuses, 41 days from the New Hampshire primary, 52 until the Nevada caucuses, 59 days until South Carolina, and 62 days out from Super Tuesday. While we see momentum for Pete’s vision of bold ideas big enough to meet our nation’s challenges building across the country, we will continue to put in the work every single day to win the primary, beat Donald Trump in November, and usher in a new era of American leadership for our country. 


Amy for America
January 3, 2020

Klobuchar Raises $11.4 Million In Fourth Quarter, More Than Doubling Third Quarter Numbers

MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Today, the Amy For America campaign announced it raised $11.4 million from 145,126 donors in the fourth quarter. The campaign exceeded its third quarter fundraising numbers by 137% and had the strongest fundraising quarter of the entire campaign. The average online contribution was $32 and 92% of donors gave less than $200.

“Our campaign has seen a massive surge in grassroots support and this has allowed us to make critical campaign investments,” said Amy For America Campaign Manager Justin Buoen. “Senator Klobuchar’s standout performances on the debate stage in October, November, and December resonated with voters and caucus-goers across the country. As a result, we have been able to double our staff in Iowa and New Hampshire and make critical investments in Nevada and South Carolina as well as prepare for Super Tuesday. As we head into 2020, Amy for America is building momentum and a strong grassroots operation that can win big in 2020.”

Alongside a polling surge in the fourth quarter, Senator Klobuchar held more than 130 events across 13 states, including the completion of her 99 county tour in Iowa —  a major milestone with just six weeks left until caucus day. She also earned several key New Hampshire endorsements before barnstorming the Granite State for a three day, seven town hall swing.  Additionally, the campaign rolled out plans to uphold the federal government’s responsibility to veteransconnect students to the jobs of the day through affordable educationsafeguard our electionsexpand opportunities for national serviceprepare for the future of work and a changing economy, and invest in housing and poverty reduction.


Bernie 2020
January 2, 2020

NEWS: Sanders Raises More Than $34.5 Million in Fourth Quarter

More than 40,000 New Donors Flood in on Deadline Day 

WASHINGTON – Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign on Thursday announced it raised more than $34.5 million in the fourth quarter of 2019 from more than 1.8 million donations, including contributions from 40,000 new donors that flooded in on the final day of the quarter.

“Bernie Sanders is closing the year with the most donations of any candidate in history at this point in a presidential campaign,” Campaign Manager Faiz Shakir said. “He is proving each and every day that working class Americans are ready and willing to fully fund a campaign that stands up for them and takes on the biggest corporations and the wealthy. You build a grassroots movement to beat Donald Trump and create a political revolution one $18 donation at a time, and that’s exactly why Bernie is going to win.” 

Sanders’ campaign raised more than $18 million from over 900,000 donations in December alone, which is the campaign’s single best fundraising month to date. Nearly 300,000 new donors gave in the fourth quarter.
“Teacher” was the most common occupation of Sanders’ fourth quarter donors, the five most common employers were Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, the United States Postal Service and Target, and the average donation was $18.53.

Since the campaign’s February launch, Sanders has raised more than $96 million from over 5 million individual donations for an average contribution of $18 and more than 99.9 percent of donors have not maxed out and can give again. That total does not include an additional $12.7 million in transfers all made in prior quarters from Sanders’ other federal accounts. Sanders’ 2016 campaign did not hit the 5 million donations mark until after Super Tuesday. 

Warren for President
fundraising email
: "Reporting back: Our Q4 fundraising numbers"
January 3, 2020


A few days before Tuesday's quarterly FEC fundraising report, we leveled with you.

We shared that we were still a good chunk behind our third quarter fundraising and set a goal of $20 million goal by December 31, which was what we'd need to raise to keep our plans on track.

Well today, I'm excited to share some great news with you. Thanks to supporters like you who stepped up and chipped in, we beat our goal and raised more than $21.2 million in the fourth quarter of 2019. And we saw a strong surge of support at the end — over $1.5 million came in on the last day of the year alone, our best fundraising day to date.

Team Warren is ready to dream big, fight hard, and win. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I'll dig deeper into the numbers in just a sec, but first, I've got a quick and important plug. We hit our goal for 2019, but it's 2020 now, and we've got new, must-hit daily targets. Money we raise every day in January will get sent straight into connecting with voters and caucus-goers, and the first votes are just a few weeks away.

We can't slow down. Please make a contribution if you can right now to keep fighting by Elizabeth's side.

Okay, back to the numbers!

  • More than 443,000 people made almost 900,000 donations to help raise over $21.2 million in October, November, and December
  • Our average contribution was just $23
  • That means in 2019, nearly 1 million donors gave more than 2.7 million contributions to raise more than $71 million.
Who Made It Happen?

Grassroots donors.

Elizabeth didn't host any private events to raise money from wealthy donors behind closed doors. She didn't take any money from Washington lobbyists or PACs.

And we still hit our goal. That's because grassroots donors are building a grassroots movement to change the way campaigns are funded. And that's a big part of how we'll change who government works for.

What Comes Next?

People like you across the country will keep joining the fight and growing our movement.

They'll walk through snow and freezing rain to knock on more neighbors' doors. They'll stop by their local campaign office for a couple of hours after work to make phone calls. They'll text their friends about how Elizabeth's plans will make a difference in their lives, and they'll commit to fighting side by side to make them happen — to use their power in our democracy.

As Elizabeth put it in her big speech on New Year's Eve, it's time to imagine the America we can build together. An America where the decisions made in Washington aren't bought and paid for by big lobbyists and big donors. Where the NRA, big drug companies, and the insurance industry don't call the shots. Where everyone has a chance to succeed:

"If you can imagine all this — if you can imagine that something better lies on the other side of the chaos and ugliness of the last three years — then you are more than halfway there. The first step is to see it. The next step is to fight for it." - Elizabeth

Joe, that next step comes down to us. We need to fight for the big, structural change we believe in. And every hour and every day this month, we'll need to reach more caucus-goers and voters, and we'll get more people invested in this fight.

A year ago, we'd just launched this campaign. A year from now, we can call Elizabeth the president-elect of the United States — if we all do our part to make it happen. Please chip in to keep up the fight in these critical last few weeks before people start voting.

Thanks so much for everything, Joe. Hope to see you on the road soon. -roger

Roger Lau
Campaign Manager
Warren for President

Friends of Andrew Yang
January 2, 2020


NEW YORK — Andrew Yang raised more than $16.5 million during the fourth quarter of 2019, $6.5 million more than the previous $10 million record set in the third quarter. This quarter’s record amount, over 165 percent of the last quarter, also brings the campaign’s total number of donors to 400,000 and more than 1 million contributions. In addition, December 31 was the campaign’s highest single-day haul with more than $1.3 million, topping the previous record of nearly $750,000 set on November 30. 

“At every turn in this race, Andrew Yang continues to exceed expectations whether it’s in terms of grassroots fundraising, making the debates, early state polling, or the ability to draw big crowds,” said Campaign Chief Nick Ryan. “What we have achieved together to date through the humanity first values of this campaign, now sets us up to compete through the early-state primaries, Super Tuesday, and beyond.”  

Following the DNC’s announcement that they are refusing to commission early state qualifying polls in time for the next debate, the campaign saw a massive uptick in contributions, including from over 10,000 first-time donors, propelling the campaign to our largest single-day fundraising record of more than $1.3 million. 

From December 23 until the end of the year, when the campaign set an initial goal of $3 million, the campaign received over 97,000 contributions from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, the three military zip codes, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Northern Marianas, and the Virgin Islands. On deadline day, the goal was raised to $3.5 million, and subsequently $4 million, when donations continued pouring in, far exceeding the initial goal. In the final 48 hours until the deadline, the campaign added more than 10,000 new donors.

The $16.5 million haul will allow the campaign to devote resources toward TV and digital ads, on-the-ground staff, and campaign infrastructure in the early primary states where Andrew Yang is outperforming expectations. 

Andrew Yang's grassroots campaign is funded by small dollar donors, with over 98% of the donations made online being under $200. Over 75% of the total donated is from this group, showing the broad base of Andrew Yang's support. The average donation to the campaign is $30.


Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.
January 2, 2020

Trump Campaign Raises Staggering $46 Million in Q4 2019, Holds Incredible $102.7 Million Cash on Hand

Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. today announced that the President’s re-election campaign raised a staggering $46 million in the final quarter of 2019, marking the best fundraising quarter for the campaign in the 2020 election cycle. The President’s campaign ended the calendar year with a whopping $102.7 million in cash on hand.  These numbers represent fundraising for Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. only and do not include funds raised by the Republican National Committee or any authorized joint fundraising committees.

“President Trump’s unprecedented fundraising is testament to his wide grassroots support and his stellar record of achievement on behalf of the American people,” said Brad Parscale, Trump 2020 campaign manager.  “Democrats and the media have been in a sham impeachment frenzy and the President’s campaign only got bigger and stronger with our best fundraising quarter this cycle. The President’s war chest and grassroots army make his re-election campaign an unstoppable juggernaut.”

President Trump’s campaign raised a total of $143 million in 2019 and banked $83.4 million of it. The campaign began the year with $19.3 million cash on hand.