May 12, 2020 - Nebraska Primary

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33 Delegates (29 Pledged)
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Unofficial Results  1,379 of 1,379 precincts reporting Ballot [PDF]

Nebraska, which does not require an excuse for requesting an early ballot, saw record early voting (+).  In 2016, Democrats held presidential caucuses.  The race was still competitive at this point, and Sanders won by 57.1% to 42.9%.  For 2020, the party participated in the state run primary, and Biden won over three-quarters of the vote.  In the Republican primary (+) Trump won with 91.50% of 259,121 votes tallied: Trump 237,097 (91.50%), Weld 22,024 (8.50%).  In the Libertarian primary (+) 1,828 votes were tallied and the top finishers were Jorgensen (27.79%) and Hornberger (24.29%).

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Nebraska Democratic Party    
May 12, 2020

Democrats Shattering Records in 2020 Primary

The early voting numbers in the Primary Election show enthusiasm is on the side of the Democratic Party and proves the Republican Party was dead wrong when they claimed voting by mail would suppress votes.

–Almost 500,000 Nebraskans requested to vote by mail in the 2020 primary election. In 2016, there were 288,799 total voters in the primary including in-person and mail-in ballots. That is a 41% increase in primary voters.

Democratic voters are seeing larger increases over the 2016 primary numbers than the Republicans.

–Democratic voters are showing up strong with a 53% increase over the 2016 primary numbers (159,199 in 2020 / 74,344 in 2016). Republicans on the other hand have only seen a 26% increase. This includes only mail-in ballot requests.

Population centers are seeing enthusiasm among in Democratic voters.

–In Douglas County, 44% of the Democrats requested to vote by mail on par with to 44% of the Republicans showing a continued split in the county that with investments can turn blue to help secure the electoral vote and a Congressional seat.

–In Lancaster County, 49% of the Democrats requested to vote by mail compared to 44% of the Republicans continuing the trends we’ve seen in the 2018 and 2019 elections where Democrats are sweeping local elections.

—In Sarpy County, 44% of the Democrats requested to vote by mail compared to 38% of the Republicans giving major signs of hope that Democrats can hold their own and stop Republican gains.

More Independent voters requested Democratic ballots.

-In 2020, 18,951 Independents requested a Democratic ballot. In CD2 alone, 10,925 Independents voted on a Democratic ballot which can be a potential margin of victory in the general election. The number of Independents taking a Democratic ballot saw an increase of 70% over 2016 ballots.



May 8, 2020

Nebraska Democratic Party leaders on Friday issued a joint endorsement of Joe Biden for president before the Nebraska Primary on May 12.

Former Vice President Biden has been endorsed by the Democratic presidential field, including Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, who will also appear on Nebraska’s primary ballot. Both candidates wanted to remain on the ballot to continue seeking delegates for influence on the platform and rules at the national convention.

Biden is the presumptive Democratic nominee emerging from a crowded field that saw 29 candidates overall.

“Joe Biden is someone who will be a fighter and advocate for our rural and urban communities alike, people from every background, Democrat or Republican. Joe has a servant’s heart, never forgetting that a true public servant always puts his constituents before party lines. That is what he did as Vice President, helping lead the implementation of the Recovery Act, which helped Nebraskans recover from the worst recession of our lifetimes. This pandemic requires Joe’s experience and leadership more than ever. I am excited to see Americans from across the country coalesce around my friend Joe, and look forward to making him our next president.” — Ben Nelson, former U.S. Senator and Governor of Nebraska

“I worked with Joe Biden as a member of Congress. No one has more knowledge of government. He can work across the aisle and get things done. Joe has a deep caring for others which I personally witnessed on several occasions. I am proud to strongly endorse Joe Biden for President.” — Brad Ashford, former U.S. Representative

“Vice President Joe Biden will restore honor, integrity and dignity to the White House. Our party is united in our efforts to defeat Trump while also electing local Democrats across Nebraska. We need all shades of blue to reform and build the party. We only win when we stick together.”  — Jane Kleeb, State Party Chair

“As we prepare to leave this dark and divisive period in our history, we need a person with the character and compassion to lead our nation into a future of which we can be proud.  We are fortunate to have that person — Joe Biden.” — Richard Register, First Associate Chair

“Our next president needs to restore the integrity, leadership and stature of the presidency. Biden will do just that.” — Preston Love Jr., Second Associate Chair

“I believe that Vice President Biden will lead us successfully in a battle for America’s soul. The lives of millions of Americans depend on it.“ — Patty Zieg, National Committeewoman

“In Joe Biden, we will have a president who represents all Americans, not just the wealthy and well-connected.”  — Ron Kaminski, National Committeeman

“The soul of our country is on the ballot and Joe Biden has the experience, vision, and heart to reunify our country.  Joe Biden is ready to take on the job as Commander-in-Chief on day one.” — Charlene Ligon, Secretary

“Joe Biden can get us back on track as a nation. We simply cannot afford another four years under Trump.” — Ted Kessler, Treasurer

“I trust Joe Biden to take care of my family like it was his own.” — Bud Pettigrew, Chair of County Chairs

“As a former member of the International Association of Fire Fighters 644 union, I know Joe Biden has fought for the benefit of firefighters across the country. That is just one of the many reasons I’m supporting Joe Biden for President.” — John Yoakum, CD1 Chair

“I support Joe Biden because our country can’t wait another four years for a responsible government. Joe will bring integrity back to our highest office and will get things done.” — Ben Cass, CD2 Chair

“Joe’s experience and philosophy will get the country on an economic recovery track & will return to a country that takes care of all of the people.  He will focus on the working class and give them the respect they deserve.” — Judy Vohland, CD3 Chair

“This election is so important for LGBTQ people — with the Trump Administration trying to roll back so many of the initiatives that Obama and Joe Biden championed. We must elect Joe Biden for President on Nov. 3.”  — Joe Shaw, Nebraska Stonewall Democrats Chair

“Our Native American communities all across Turtle Island are in a crisis that we have been through before. This time around, we have leaders with stronger voices speaking up for the voiceless. True leadership is learning how to work together for a greater purpose for all. The Native Caucus fully supports Joe Biden and his campaign to defeat Donald Trump in the 2020 election. We will help guide his campaign throughout Indian Country so he can better-serve our communities.” — Mechelle Sky Walker, Native Caucus Chair

“Vice President Joe Biden can repair the damage done to this country since 2017.  I am confident that he will surround himself with a competent Cabinet and appoint others to his administration who will work alongside him to protect the rights of women and restore our standing in the world.” — Sharlette Schwenninger, Women’s Caucus Chair