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Democrats Seek to Tie GOP and GOP Candidates to Moore – Examples:

Missouri Democratic Party
December 5, 2017

Does Josh Hawley stand with Roy Moore and the RNC, or Women?

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Given the Republican National Committee’s decision last night to re-enter the Alabama Senate race in support of Roy Moore, Josh Hawley needs to immediately answer whether he stands with Roy Moore — who has allegedly sexually assaulted women as young as 14 and co-authored a course saying women should not run for office — or women.

The choice really is that simple, and the people of Missouri deserve to know where Josh Hawley stands.

South Carolina Democratic Party
For Immediate Release
December 7th, 2017

Philip Chambers


“Roy Moore in the US Senate would be a stain on the GOP and on the nation. Leigh Corfman and other victims are courageous heroes. No vote, no majority is worth losing our honor, our integrity.” - former MA Governor Mitt Romney, 12/4/17 via Twitter

Columbia, SC — Tuesday, the RNC resumed funding the Roy Moore for US Senate campaign  in Alabama, despite numerous and credible allegations against the candidate of inappropriate relationships with teenage girls, sexual harassment, and even attempted rape.
Several South Carolinians financially support the RNC and are helping to fund this effort. Prominent Investors in Molesters include: South Carolina Ports Authority Chairman Emeritus Bill Stern and his wife Linda, former Congressional candidate and Commander of the South Carolina State Guard Thomas Mullikin, former state Commerce Department Director Joe Taylor, and state Senator William Timmons of Greenville. The full list can be found here.
It is up to these individuals to disavow their financial support of a sexual predator.
In the words of Drew McKissick, former Christian Coalition of American official, paid Mitt Romney staffer, and current SCGOP Chair: "It's all about raising money. It's the mother's milk of politics." - SCETV Interview, 5/26/17.
SCDP Chairman Trav Robertson said of the funders: "These SC Republicans are sacrificing their own personal morality to provide campaign cash to a serial predator. They've got a clear choice to continue to be an investor in a molester, or they can ask for a refund of their money and publicly disavow Roy Moore. South Carolina is watching."

Pennsylvania Democratic Party

December 7, 2017


CONTACT: Brandon Cwalina



PENNSYLVANIA -- State representative and congressional candidate Rick Saccone proved that he will tow the party line -- even if it means casting doubt on the victims of Roy Moore, a man accused of child molestation. When asked during a press conference if the GOP supports electing Roy Moore to the U.S. Senate, Rick Saccone asks the reporter to “believe in the presumption of innocence.”
“Does Rick Saccone believe Roy Moore or his numerous victims? If Saccone and the Republican Party can’t condemn a man accused of child molestation, they can never again claim to support ‘family values,’” said Brandon Cwalina, spokesperson for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. “If Saccone and the Republican Party are going to discredit the voices of numerous accusers and can tolerate having an accused child molester in their ranks, they are completely unfit to represent Pennsylvanians.”
Watch the exchange here. Rick Saccone is in the purple tie on the left of the frame:

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