1992 Democratic Presidential Primary

                           Kerrey for President, Inc.

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The world has changed. The Cold War's demise means that the test of America's power in the coming century will be not the might of our military, but the strength of our economy. Yet a decade of Republican policies have left us ill-prepared for this challenge. Americans know deep in their bones that something is terribly wrong and that business as usual -- the prescription for the 1980s -- cannot work for the future. Bob Kerrey is running for President to usher in a new era of change and hope.
As President, he will fundamentally change the role of government in our lives so that it expands economic opportunity and serves the real needs of real people.

Kerrey has proposed a bold plan to launch an American economic renewal -- to create jobs and improve living standards. Kerrey will streamline federal government and use the savings to invest in the four cornerstones of economic growth: health care, education, technology, and communications. Kerrey will also establish the federal government as a vital partner in assisting American businesses in developing new technologies, bringing new products to the market, and competing internationally.

Kerrey has introduced a plan in the U.S. Senate that will fundamentally change the way our nation finances health care. Kerrey's plan, called Health USA, will achieve the goals Americans most often seek in health care reform. Health USA will control costs; it will save $150 billion over the next five years and put $500 a year back in the pockets of the typical American family. Health USA will also guarantee health care for every American, provide for long-term care, and separate health care coverage from employment, while allowing Americans to choose their own doctors, hospitals, and health plans.

Kerrey will fundamentally restructure the size and role of our government so that it responds to the genuine concerns and aspirations of the American people. He will halve the number of cabinet departments, reduce the number of Congressional committees by 75% , and cut Congressional staff by 30%. He will also cut non-entitlement spending by 25% and defense spending by 30-40% over the next ten years, and use the savings to invest in the economy.

Kerrey believes that true education reform is accomplished best not by bureaucrats in Washington, but by local teachers, parents, and school boards. He will establish a billion-dollar Education Capital Fund that will become a partner with school districts, cities, states, and businesses that are committed to making badly needed structural reforms. Kerrey will also support federal assistance programs to dramatically expand access to higher education. And to ensure that every child who gets to school is ready to learn, Kerrey will fully fund the Head Start program and improve prenatal care, child care, and early nutrition.

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