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Jan. 20, 2018 - On the one-year anniversary of the Trump Administration and a year after the Women's March on Washington organizers put together rallies and marches around the country.  The DC march, organized by March Forward Virginia, aimed "to advance peaceful and positive progress in communities across the country, with the goal of ensuring all women and their allies persist in civic and political roles moving into 2018."  Enjoying the relatively warm weather, thousands of people, many from DC, Virginia and Maryland, heard from a long list of speakers.  The Lincoln Memorial served as a backdrop, and the crowd, many with hand-drawn signs, filled the area at the top of the Reflecting Pool and part of the way along the sides.  The pool had been mostly drained and was covered by a layer of ice, which people ventured out onto and which started to melt around the edges as the speeches went on.  Indeed some in the crowd started to grumble, and eventually the march did set off to the White House.
The crowd filled in considerably as the speeches went on.

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