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Nov. 29, 2018 - Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), seen as a likely 2020 presidential candidate, called for "a foreign policy that works for all Americans" in major speech at American University.  Warren's wide-ranging remarks covered topics ranging from trade to nuclear weapons.  She started by declaring, "Around the world, democracy is under assault."   Warren said the roots of the problem trace to the 1980's when "Washington's focus shifted from policies that benefit everyone to policies that benefit a handful of elites, both here at home and around the world."  Warren stated,

"Mistakes piled on mistakes. Reckless, endless wars in the Middle East. Trade deals rammed through with callous disregard for our working people.  Extraordinary expansion of risk in the global financial system.  Why?  Mostly to serve the interests of big corporations while ignoring the interests of American workers.'

"The system didn't work for working people and it want' really intended to," Warren said.  Pointing to Russia and China, Warren said, "Efforts to bring capitalism to the global stage unwittingly helped create the conditions for anti-democratic countries to rise up and lash out."

Warren's speech was not an anti-capitalist rant, however.  "I believe capitalism has the capacity to deliver extraordinary benefits to American workers," Warren stated.  However, she noted, "We need to set new rules for global capitalism in the 21st century," she said. 

Warren also addressed national security, calling for an end to "the stranglehold of defense contractors on our military policy," cuts to "our bloated defense budget," and strong measures to stop a nuclear arms race.  She closed with a call to recognize and stand up to "corruption and autocracy."
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After her remarks Warren fielded questions.
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