Supporters, Opponents Rally Before Pivotal Kavanaugh Hearing ...Sup. | Opp.
Sept. 27, 2018 - Washington and the nation were transfixed by the high stakes hearing where Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee.  On the morning of the hearing, supporters and opponents rallied on Capitol Hill.  Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee and other groups held a Women for Kavanaugh -- "I Stand With Brett" rally featuring about a dozen speakers.  Many of the speakers emphasized the presumption of innocence.
Penny Young Nance, CEO & president, Concerned Women for America.
Allie Stuckey, The Conservative Millennial, Host of the podcast, Relatable
Patrice Onwuka, senior policy analyst, Independent Women's Forum.
Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder and national coordinator, Tea Party Patriots.
Penny Morrell, CWA of ME state director.
Kimberly Fletcher, president and founder, Moms for America.
Karin Agness, president, NeW.
Facebook Live.
Corey Lewandowski.
NFRW president Jody Rushton, political director Terri Hauser and unidentified.
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