CPAC 2018: Day Two ... 1 of 5 >
Feb. 23, 2018 - Day two begins.

Former U.S. Rep. Bob Beauprez (CO) interviews Secretary of Energy Rick Perry and Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke.  Perry drew a distinction between innovation and regulation.  "Government is not the answer to every challenge we have," he stated.  "What he [President Trump] has done on the regulatory side is nothing less than world changing," he said.

Talk show host and commentator Laura Ingraham jabbed at liberals.  "When you're winning, when you're successful, that really drives them crazy, really drives them crazy," she said.  "They're not mad because they're winning on the left; they are infuriated because they are losing."   Ingraham sought to compare Trump to Reagan, stating,

"The lasting effect of the philosophical elevation of conservative ideals through policy, that's where the gold is.  That's what President Trump is doing.  And of course he's mocked as Reagan was, he's ridiculed by the Hollywood establishment like Reagan was, he is perpetually branded the same old thing—he's anti-immigrant, he's anti-this, he's anti-that.  But what he is is he's the president of all the people, of the middle class, of the forgotten men and women, of the people I came from."

Dale Bellis, executive director of Liberty HealthShare, a health cost sharing ministry, delivered what amounted to a fifteen minute ad.  Quite a few people used the time to check their email, butt there was an interesting moment when ACU chairman Matt Schapp appeared on the stage and signed up (or pretended to sign up) for the plan. >