2016 Democratic National Convention
Rules Standing Committee Meeting
July 23, 2016
Pennsylvania Convention Center - Philadelphia, PA

Proposal to the Rules Committee

Proposal Sponsor:
Mayor Wellington Webb and Michaeleen Crowell

State Delegation:
CO and DC

Resolution Establishing the Unity Reform Commission

Proposal Language:
Section 1. Establishment of the Unity Reform Commission.
That no later than 60 days after the date of the next election of the National Chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the National Chair shall establish a commission (the “Commission) to review the entire nominating process and to make recommended changes to the Charter regarding the nominating process with a specific focus on ensuring the process is accessible, transparent and inclusive.

RESOLVED FURTHER: That the Commission shall be known as the Unity Reform Commission;that it shall consist of 21 members including a chair and vice-chair, all with the right to vote on Commission business. The chair shall be Jennifer O’Malley Dillon and the vice-chair Larry Cohen. Secretary Clinton shall appoint nine members of the Commission and Senator Sanders shall appoint seven members of the Commission. The remaining three members shall be appointed by the National Chair of the DNC. To the extent possible, its membership shall be equally divided between men and women and shall be geographically and demographically diverse. The DNC shall provide the Commission with adequate staff and resources to carry out its mandate in accordance with this Resolution.

RESOLVED FURTHER: That the Unity Reform Commission shall issue its report and recommendations to the Rules and Bylaws Committee of the DNC no later than January 1, 2018. Upon completion of its report and recommendations, the Unity Reform Commission shall transmit the same to the RBC for its prompt consideration and action. In the event that Commission concludes the RBC failed to substantially adopt any recommendation within 6 months of receiving the Commission’s report and recommendation, the Commission shall have the recommendations placed before the full DNC at its next regularly scheduled meeting. The Commission shall remain in existence until the Commission concludes that its report and recommendations have been considered and voted on by the DNC.

Section 2. Manner of Voting.

RESOLVED FURTHER: That the Unity Reform Commission shall consider and make appropriate recommendations regarding revisions to the Delegate Selection Rules for the 2020 Democratic National Convention with respect to the manner of voting used during the presidential nominating process with a goal of increasing voter participation and inclusion through grassroots engagement of the Party’s voter base during and in-between presidential election cycles. The Commission shall make recommendations to encourage the expanded use of primary elections. The Commission shall make specific recommendations regarding the steps necessary to ensure that, in states where caucuses are conducted, eligible voters’ ability to participate in the caucuses are protected. The Commission shall make recommendations as to how caucuses can be less burdensome and more inclusive, transparent and accessible to participants. Specific consideration shall be given to so-called firehouse caucuses and other methods that will permit expanded and higher volumes of voter participation. These steps shall include ensuring caucuses are well-run, accessible, transparent and that the delegates allocated to the national convention fairly reflect the will of the voters expressed during the caucuses. The Commission shall make specific recommendations to streamline the caucus realignment process, including measures to accommodate increased voter participation and decrease the time necessary to conduct the caucus. The Commission shall make specific recommendations that requires caucuses to publish the specific headcount at all caucus locations and to maintain sufficient records to make a post-caucus review and re-canvass of the results possible.

RESOLVED FURTHER: That the Unity Reform Commission shall make recommendations to encourage the involvement in all elections of unaffiliated or new voters who seek to join the Democratic Party including through same-day registration and re-registration.

Section 3. Delegates.

RESOLVED FURTHER: That the Unity Reform Commission shall consider and make appropriate recommendations for revisions to the Delegate Selection Rules for the 2020 Democratic National Convention to provide for a change in the manner by which unpledged party leader and elected official (PLEO) delegates participate in the presidential nominating process. In particular, the Commission shall make specific recommendations providing that Members of Congress, Governors and distinguished party leaders (DNC Charter Art. Two, Section 4(h)(ii)(1)-(6)) remain unpledged and free to support their nominee of choice, but that remaining unpledged delegates be required to cast their vote at the Convention for candidates in proportion to the vote received for each candidate in their state.

Section 4. Party Reforms.

RESOLVED FURTHER: That the Unity Reform Commission shall consider and make appropriate recommendations as to: (1) how to make the party and its candidates more competitive in all regions of the country; (2) how to make the DNC and state parties full and accountable partners in the process of mobilizing voters and winning elections at all levels; (3) how to support and oversee Democratic efforts in legislative and congressional reapportionment and redistricting to ensure Democratic majorities in state legislatures and in Congress; (4) how to broaden the base of the party and empower rank and file Democrats at the grassroots level; and (5) how to expand the DNC’s donor base (a) to make it less dependent on large contributions, (b) to get more people invested in the party, and (c) to enable the party to support important electoral programs.

Section 5. Status of Resolutions

RESOLVED FURTHER: That the Unity Reform Commission may address other matters as may be identified and agreed to by the Chair and Vice-Chair.

Bernie 2016
July 23, 2016

Democratic Rules Committee Passes Reform Commission to Cut Superdelegates, Reform Electoral Process and Democratic Party

PHILADELPHIA – The Democratic National Convention Rules Committee on Saturday approved a unity reform commission charged with reducing the number of so-called superdelegates.

The commission will tackle caucus and primary reforms designed to make the nominating process fairer. The commission will recommend reforms to broaden the base of the Democratic Party, make it more responsive to the grassroots of the party and decrease the party's reliance on large donors.

"This is a tremendous victory for Sen. Sanders' fight to democratize the Democratic Party and reform the Democratic nominating process," said Jeff Weaver, Sanders' campaign manager. "We were pleased to work with the Clinton campaign to enact this historic commission."

Sanders has long sought reform of the superdelegate system. The charge of the commission is to develop rules that would reduce the number of superdelegates by some two-thirds. The commission is structured to ensure that proposed reforms are promptly considered by the Democratic National Committee as whole.

Sanders, Clinton and the Democratic National Committee will each pick members of the commission.

The commission will be chaired by Jennifer O'Malley Dillon, co-founder of Precision Strategies and deputy campaign manager of President Obama's re-election campaign. The vice chair, appointed by Sanders, will be former president of the Communication Workers of America Larry Cohen.