Nov. 8, 2016 Governor
   Card, 11" x 4 1/4".
As your Attorney General, Roy Cooper made sure people like you had someone watching your back while the big corporations hired boatloads of lobbyists and lawyers to game the system at your expense.
  • Taking on banks, big utilities, telemarketers, carmakers stopping them from ripping off customers with unfair fees or shoddy products.
  • Opposing utility companies when they want to make you pay higher energy bills.
  • Outlawing predatory high-cost loans and taking on mortgage companies, bringing back hundreds of millions to help North Carolina rebuild its economy.
As Governor, Roy Cooper will make sure North Carolina works for people who work for a living.

  • Reinvesting and reforming public schools to give our children the education they deserve and keep good teachers from leaving our state.
  • Targeting tax cuts to middle-class and working families, not big corporations and the ultra-rich. Helping families afford the cost of college with student loan reform and affordable tuition.
  • Helping families afford the cost of college with student loan reform and affordable tuition.

[photo caption] Kristin and Roy Cooper, their three daughters Claire, Hilary, and Natalie, and dog Ben.

Creating a North Carolina where everyone can get ahead.

"When I was growing up in a small town North Carolina was a shining star of the New South, brimming with new, good paying jobs and cutting-edge technologies, and anchored by solid public schools and a world-class university system.

"But we're in jeopardy of losing that legacy, and as Governor I want to recapture that can-do spirit. I want to bring back those opportunities in every part of our state, not just big cities.

"But the crowd that's in charge these days in Raleigh is getting in the way, giving more to those at the top while forcing everyone else to pay more and get less in return.

"I believe in North Carolina and its people. And I believe that together we can build a strong North Carolina that will produce unlimited possibilities for generations.

"We can make it happen if we create a North Carolina where everyone shares in the economy, where everyone gets ahead, not just those at the top."

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Biography  [born June 13, 1957]
Meet Roy

Roy Cooper is a trusted leader, family man, and North Carolinian through and through.

Born and raised in Nash County, Roy attended public schools and worked summers on the family farm before attending UNC-Chapel Hill on a Morehead Scholarship.

Roy entered public service because he loves North Carolina and understands the challenges facing our families and communities. At home, he served as a Sunday school teacher and volunteered in public schools. In the NC House and Senate, Roy fought to increase teacher pay and reduce class sizes. He wrote North Carolina’s first children’s health insurance initiative. Roy believes every child in North Carolina deserves the same opportunities that he had – and that he wanted for his own three daughters.

In 2000, Roy was elected Attorney General, where he has continued to protect families across the state. As North Carolina’s top law enforcement official, Roy has cracked down on child predators, worked to increase penalties for drug dealers, and overseen a sharp (30%) decrease in crime. Roy has also made consumer protection a priority, fighting to keep utility rates low, put predatory lenders out of business, and help families by leading the battle against telemarketers.

Roy Cooper stands up for North Carolina and gets results. He’s the kind of common sense leader families can trust. And as governor, he’ll get the job done.