Nov. 8, 2022 U.S. Senate 

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Senator Lee's respect for the Constitution was instilled early in life by watching his father, Rex E. Lee, argue before the Supreme Court as President Reagan's Solicitor Gener­al. Spending time attending those argu­ments along with family dinner-time discus­sions gave him an up-close understanding of government.

Lee received his undergraduate degree in 1994 and his law degree in 1997 from BYU. After completing law school and two federal clerkships, Lee began practicing at Sidley & Austin, specializing in appellate and Supreme Court litigation. He later served as an assistant U.S. attorney, general counsel to Utah Governor Jon M. Huntsman, Jr., and law clerk to Associate Justice Samuel A. Alito.

Senator Lee serves on various committees important to Utah, including Judiciary, Energy and Natural Resources, and Com­merce Committees. He is also the Ranking Member of Congress's Joint Economic Com­mittee.

In these roles, he has fought for Utahns and their values. He has protected privacy with the USA FREEDOM Act, families with legisla­tion expanding the Child Tax Credit, and criminal justice reform with the First Step Act. He continues to advocate for limited government and fiscal responsibility.

Lee and his wife Sharon have three children (James, John, and Eliza) and live in Provo.


Senator Lee's FORMULA Act was unanimously passed by the Senate signed into law by President Biden. This bill removed import tariffs on baby formula and baby formula input devices and helped bolster the supply of formula making it to families and babies in Utah and across the nation.

The USA Freedom Act closed major loopholes and stopped the government collecting your private information through the NSA without a warrant. This law ended the bulk collection of personal data, better secured your Fourth Amendment Rights, and helped fortify national security issues that prevented the tracking of known terrorists in the country.

As the famed Nobel economist Milton Friedman said, Inflation is created by," too much government spending ... Inflation is made in Washington because only Washington can create money." Senator Lee has been a leading voice in DC to cut back on out-of-control spending. He's sponsored the PRICE Act which would counter rising inflation by requiring a supermajority to pass any new spending measures when inflation is over 3% nationally.

There's an invisible tax that costs Americans $2 TRILLION a year in the form of onerous federal regulations. Sen. Lee has consistently co-sponsored the REINS Act which would require any new rule created by unelected executive agency bureau­crats that would have a major impact on the economy (greater than $100 million) to first receive approval from Congress.

Senator Lee understands that having a strong country requires having strong families. He helped secure a doubling of the the Child Tax Credit increasing that tax relief from $1,000 to $2,000. This expanded relief from taxes without undercutting the responsibility of parents to work and provide for their families.

One of Senator Lee's top priorities coming into his service in the US Senate was criminal justice reform and ensuring justice is just. After his tireless work, Senator Lee wrote the First Step Act signed into law by President Trump. This law reforms federal prison and sentencing requirements to reduce recidivism, decrease the federal inmate population, reunite families, and maintain public safety.

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