Nov. 8, 2022 U.S. Senate 

Card, 6" x 4". 

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One of Us
Dennis Misigoy is not a career politician. He is a regular family man who works a normal job, but who is willing to step up and serve his community when he sees the need. He did this first by getting elected to the board of his special taxing district in November 2016. Now he's stepping up to take on the establishment and give Floridians the choice to elect a Senator who understands that the government cannot run your life better than you and the great harm being done by the two party cartel's commitment to reckless spending and interventionist foreign policy. lt's time for One of Us to break the cycle. Change cannot wait.

ECONOMY - Decades of reckless deficit spending, sent into overdrive by COVID, have pushed the national debt to over six times what it was in the year 2000 and caused the highest inflation rate in 40 years. lt's time to draw the line on wasteful spending and reign in the Federal Reserve's destructive monetary policy.
FOREIGN POLICY - The wars and other interventions of the last two decades have only served to make Americans poorer and less free while needlessly killing innocent masses and motivating a new generation of extremist, convinced that America only understands violence. Peace is not only possible - it is the only sustainable path available to us to protect our lives and freedoms.
MANDATES & LOCKDOWNS - The misguided policies of the last two years have failed to deliver promised results while causing a great deal of harm. They must be abandoned at every level of government.

for more policy positions, visit misigoy.com/issues