Nov. 8, 2022 Governor

Palm Card, 4" x 9".

We need a Governor

Inflation is crushing New Mexico families. The cost of everything keeps rising, but wages aren't keeping up and unemployment is the highest in the country.

Mark Ronchetti is running for Governor because we need new leadership to listen to us, focus on our priorities and deliver innovative solutions that make our lives better:
• Permanent tax cuts for the middle class and working families
• Unleash New Mexico energy resources to make our state a world energy leader
• Oil and gas rebates for taxpayers-when the energy industry does well, so should New Mexicans
• Rescue New Mexico small businesses by leveling the playing field
• Get New Mexico back to work by focusing on re­employment instead of un-employment

Get Tough on Crime
Mark Ronchetti will end the catch-and-release policies that have allowed violent criminals to take over our streets, pass tough new laws, and give our police officers the support they deserve.

Fight for Parents and Kids 
Mark Ronchetti will get funds out of the bureaucracy and into the classroom to help teachers and students, and re-focus our schools on helping our children master the basics and learn job-ready skills.

Read Mark's Plans for New Mexico
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Paid for and Authorized by Mark Ronchetti for Governor. Anne Perez, Treasurer.

Prospectus, 8 1/2" x 12".  (from the primary)

New Mexico Needs a Governor

Fellow Republican,

I'm running for Governor because we need someone to lead the state who is on the side of honest, hard-working New Mexicans.
Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has taken our state dramatically in the wrong direction.

• President Biden opened the border, then the Governor made it worse by pushing to make New Mexico a sanctuary state and giving stimulus checks to illegal immigrants

• New Mexico is #2 in the nation for violent crime because of liberal revolving door policies like catch-and-release

• 40% of New Mexico's small businesses are closed for good because of her draconian shutdowns

• New Mexico ranks dead last in education, yet the Governor kept schools closed and implements her version of Critical Race Theory to indoctrinate our kids, instead of focusing on helping kids master the core subjects

If we don't step up now, our state may never recover from the consequences of the Governor's far left policies. That's why I'm asking you to join my campaign.

Governor Lujan Grisham's PACs and allies attacked me before I even announced my candidacy. She has clearly seen the polling and knows I'm the candidate who can defeat her next year.

Together, we will win this race and take back our state from the liberal elites.

Mark Ronchetti
Mark Ronchetti

By the Numbers

Mark Ronchetti is dominating the Republican primary and poised to defeat Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham. National election experts noted that Ronchetti's entry into the governor's race puts Michelle Lujan Grisham's re-election in serious jeopardy.

According to US News, "the race has recently risen in competitiveness due to the entry into the race of a strong GOP candidate: Mark Ronchetti." The national elections experts go on to say that Ronchetti has "a winning profile in New Mexico."

General election polling shows Ronchetti already tied with Lujan Grisham 46% to 46%.

Since Ronchetti's entry into the race Republicans have rallied around his candidacy in the primary.

General Election Polling
Survey by Public Opinion Strategies of 500 Likely Voters in New Mexico +/- 4.38%
[pie chart: Michelle Lujan Grisham 46%  Mark Ronchetti 46%  Undecided – 7%]

GOP Primary Polling

Source: Public Opinion Strategies survey of 400 Republican Primary Voters; January 31-February 1, 2022
[pie chart: Ronchetti 60%  Undecided 19%  Dow 9%  Zanetti 7%  Block 2%  Other 3%]
Ronchetti – $1.2 million
Dow – $339,792
Zanetti – $153,441
Block – $86,162
  • Mark Ronchetti raised this money in just two months.
  • 96% of the contributions coming from New Mexicans.
  • More than 3,500 New Mexicans have contributed to Ronchetti, with 90% of those donating $250 or less.

Petition Signatures
Ronchetti – 7,090
Dow – 2,283
Zanetti – 2,361
Block – 1,660
Ronchetti is proving his strength with Republican grassroots voters. Over 7,000 registered Republicans signed his nominating petition to ensure his name is placed on the ballot. That's more than all the other Republican candidates combined.

Paid for and Authorized by Mark Ronchetti for Governor. Anne Perez, Treasurer.

Republican Mark Ronchetti

New Mexico Conservative for Governor

Mark and Krysty Ronchetti love New Mexico. It's why they are rasing their family here. They want their daughters to build their family here, too. But the reality is that too many young people see New Mexico as a place to escape from instead of a place to return home to.

The New Mexico we love is being run into the ground by a liberal Governor and politicians who care more about liberals' national agenda than making things better for the people of New Mexico. They have failed. In fact, they are making things worse.

Mark Ronchetti is running for Governor because New Mexico needs new leaders who are on our side.

For more information or to make a contribution to help elect Republican Mark Ronchetti as New Mexico's next Governor, please visit, or call 505-585-5013.

Paid for and Authorized by Mark Ronchetti for Governor. Anne Perez, Treasurer.

Secure Our Borders
• Deploy New Mexico's National Guard to assist the Border Patrol in securing the border

• Create a Border Strike Force within the Department of Public Safety to target border-related crimes and drug cartels

End Sanctuary State policies

Get Tough on Crime
• End catch-and-release policies that allow violent criminals to take over our streets

• Pass tough new anti-crime laws

• Give police officers – our heroes – the tools and support they deserve

Fight for Parents and Children
• Get funds out of the bureaucracy and into the classroom to help students and teachers

• Keep Critical Race Theory and other liberal political agendas out of our children's classrooms

• Focus our schools on helping our children master the basics and learn job-ready skills

Create New Mexico Jobs
• Lower taxes on businesses and working families

• Expand New Mexico's role as a global energy leader to help America once again become energy independent

• Cut job-killing regulations

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