Nov. 8, 2022 Governor

Palm Card, 4" x 9".

"As an elected official, I've always believed that actions speak louder than words. As your next governor, I vow that my actions will continue to be about serving all Nebraskans – not the interests of a privileged few or special interests."
- Senator Carol Blood

Carol Blood for Governor means:
  • Prosperity for All Nebraskans
  • Maintaining Public Safety & Improving Public Health
  • Investing in Nebraska's Infrastructure
  • Encouraging Education

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Carol Blood is a dedicated and energetic lawmaker.

She has fought for pro-military and pro-veteran legislation as a state senator.

Her track record in the legislature clearly shows that she is capable of getting legislation passed and does so with strong bipartisan support.

Carol was born in McCook, NE and raised in rural Adams County. Now residing in Sarpy County, she has deep Nebraska roots.

Carol has repeatedly stood up in the legislature – not just for her district's interests, but for the interests of all Nebraskans.

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Former State Senator Al Davis
a Sand hills rancher is Blood's running mate.

As a Senator, Davis was known for working to lower property taxes, especially as they impacted farmers and ranchers, and for getting a law passed to obtain a firefighting airplane in western Nebraska to respond quickly to wildfires.

Like Blood, he is servant-hearted, hard-working and has the same fire in his belly to do what is best for Nebraskans.

Prior to being elected to the Legislature, Davis was a founding member of the Independent cattlemen of Nebraska, a group dedicated to restoring fairness to the
marketing of beef.

He had been a school board member in Hyannis and operated his family's OLO Ranch, one of the largest in the state. It was homesteaded in 1888.

Together they will work to always put Nebraska first

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