Nov. 8, 2022 Governor 
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Jury Democracy
Empowering the People
for Governor

Hugh McTavish

Jury Democracy: Groups of randomly selected ordinary citizens will decide every bill and proposal.
•  Will unite us and calm our divisions
•  Decisions and laws respected because we the people made them
•  Decisions made based on evidence and reason
•  Creative ideas not supported by the elites get a hearing
•  Everyone has equal power and influence on government, including these underrepresented groups:
  • The young
  • Minorities
  • The poor and middle class
  • The meek and non-power-hungry
  • The majority who do not like politics or arguing

The Objections to Jury Democracy

Ordinary people are stupid.
No, I have complete confi­dence in ordinary people. Studies show large groups of ordinary people make better estimates of facts and predic­tions of the future than any individual or group of experts. For instance, the stock market indexes, which are the average of all investors' opinions, beat most professionals.
I don't have time to serve on a jury. Juries would only serve for one bill and in most cases for just two days. lt would be 4 to 10 years before every citizen is invited once. Two days in 4 to 10 years is not an excessive burden. And service would be voluntary. lf you don't want to serve, great, it is just more power for the people who want to serve.
lt would cost too much. I calculate Jury Democracy would add 0.4% to the cost of state government.
I like having the 1% decide everything for me. They are smarter and better than me. Then you should vote for Tim Walz or Scott Jensen.

In effect, I will not be Governor, you will be! Jury Democracy means "let the people decide."
System for getting your ideas enacted

Current System
Jury Democracy
•  Raise Money

•  Convince people in 30 seconds at most.

•  Convince legislators who already have their minds made up to change their minds, if you can even get them to listen to you.

•  Vilify your opponents and appeal to anger

•  Convince a large jury of random citizens of your idea.

•  You will have as much time as you need and they will give you a fair hearing.

•  You do not need money. You are not limited to 30 seconds, and you do not need anger.

What would be the characteristics of an ideal government?
lt would produce decisions in this way

•  Decisions made by every citizen, not just by a single dictator or president and not just by a small number of representatives or the elites of society.
•  Decisions made with full information and after careful consideration of all evidence and arguments and with respectful, open-minded discussion about the decision among the decision makers; not made based on snap emotion or limited and biased information.
•  Decisions made by consensus where possible and not be 51% imposing their will on 49%.
That is Jury Democracy!!

My Core Positions
My other positions do not matter like they do with other politicians, because you will be the ones making the final decisions. I will just propose things. But my other positions are:

Govern for happiness instead of GDP growth. Government should track happiness, depression, and loneliness as carefully as we track economic statistics. To promote happiness. I propose:

•  Replace the mask mandate with a name tag request. A request that we ali wear a name tag like this in public.
•  "Mandatory" walks outside for 15 minutes at the same time each week, 2:00 on Thurs­days. Meet your neighbors, get outside, and get a little exercise. Maybe you make a new friend.
•  Promote pet ownership. The easiest way to get happier is get a dog. I would require that landlords allow dog and cat ownership in nearly all their units, with no extra charge.

RESTORE the environment. I want to not just protect the environ­ment but restore it. Convert half our land to nature and the primary use of wild species. I want to have buffalo roaming wild and wolves roaming wild across most of the state.

Opposition to COVID lockdowns. I will NEVER impose lockdowns on you. I am a Ph.D. biochemist and know the data and wrote a book on COVID and the lockdowns. The lockdown response to COVID was one of the worst public policy disasters in history. lt had these effects:

•  None. I and everyone who has looked at the data concludes that lockdowns had no effect on COVID cases or deaths.
•  Clinical depression increased from 8.5% of the population to 27.8%. The lockdown response threw 1 in 5 of us into major clinical depression or about 70 million Americans. No benefit could possibly be worth that much suffering.
•  Killed approximately 100,000 Americans in increased drug overdose deaths and other deaths, resulting in at teast 3 times the person-years of life lost as was saved in prevented COVID deaths, even if the lockdowns prevented 200,000 COVID deaths, which they did not.
•  Destroyed education and childhood for our children for 2 years.
•  Home confinement for every citizen of Minnesota for 7 weeks, a sentence you would get for gross misdemeanor assault, except criminals get a trial but the citizens of Minnesota did not.
•  And much more.

My Other Positions
Smaller Governrnent. Less Regulation. Lower Taxes. Understand­able laws with less legalese, Simpler tax code. I support alI of those and I predict those will be the result when juries of ordinary citizens have to approve our laws and taxes.

Support abortion rights.
Support common sense gun control.
On both these issues, Tim Watz agrees with me but he has had 4 years to get something enacted and has done nothing. I can get these enacted through Jury Democracy, even if the Republicans control the legislature. And once enacted, they will never be repealed if we have Jury Democracy.

Student loan debt. I will make a proposal that the state buy the student loans of all Minnesota residents, then charge the borrowers a fair interest rate, with a limit that you need only pay up to 15% of your income for up to 15 years. lf you pay 15% of your income for 15 years, after that time any remaining debt will be forgiven.

Protect the Environment
Nothing else matters if we do not have a decent planet.

Personal Liberty

Govern with the goal of Happiness, not GDP growth.

To Empower the People
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McTavish for Governor of Minnesota


Jury Democracy is a system where ordinary citizens make the actual decisions of government. We will call a large jury (500+) of randomly select­ed citizens to the state capital and have them sit and listen to the evidence and arguments for and against one bill or proposal. Both sides will get time to present their arguments and evidence for and agamst that bill. The jurors will be given time to read it and then break into smaller groups to discuss it. Then they will vote by secret ballot.
Laws will still also have to pass the elected legisla­ture, but I will use juries to determine whether I veto or sign every bill.
We will introduce bills to juries and if they pass, I will demand that the legislature hold a recorded vote on each of them.
Govern for Happiness not GDP
McTavish for Governor

About Hugh
Hugh McTavish is a Ph.D. biochemist, patent attor­ney, and entrepreneur. He has authored 18 scien­tific journal art,cles and is the inventor on 21 U.S. patents. He has authored three books on nature and public policy, including COVID Lockdown lnsanity. He is the CEO oftwo pharmaceutical companies that he founded off of his own inven­tions.
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