Nov. 8, 2022 Governor 

Card, 10" x 6".

"Tough times call for tough people. Michiganders have shown remarkable grit and resilience through everything the past few years has thrown our way.

Despite all the challenges we've faced, we've made so much progress working together to build a stronger Michigan."

-Gretchen Whitmer

Together, we are getting big things done for Michigan.
GRETCHEN WHITMER Is Getting Big Things Done For Michigan.

Cutting Taxes To Help Seniors And Families Cope With Rising Costs
Gov. Whitmer has taken Michigan from a $3 billion budget deficit to a $7 billion surplus, and she did it without raising taxes. In fact, in her first term, Whitmer cut taxes for thousands of families and small businesses, and she is committed to finally repealing the retirement tax, which would save 500,000 Michigan households an average of $1,000 every year.

Investing In Classrooms And Getting Our Kids Caught Up
Gov. Whitmer is committed to keeping Michigan schools open and safe for students and teachers. Just last year, Whitmer made the largest K-12 education investment in state history - without raising taxes, so that we can expand access to early education and mental health services and support hard-working teachers.

Fixing Our Roads And Bridges Once And For All
Under Gov. Whitmer's leadership, Michigan has repaired, rebuilt, or rehabilitated over 13,000 lane miles of road and over 900 bridges in every region of our state - and she's doing it the smart way, with materials that will last for years to come. This year, Whitmer has proposed we do even more, working to pass the biggest commitment to road repairs in Michigan history.

Democrats And Republicans Working Together To Create Good New Jobs in Michigan
Gov. Whitmer worked with Democrats and Republicans to pass unprecedented support for small businesses to help them keep their doors open during the pandemic and grow as we recover, and an economic development package that is already producing real results - including GM's recently-announced $7 billion investment that will create and retain 5,000 good-paying jobs.

Together, we are getting big things done for Michigan.
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