Nov. 8, 2022 Governor 

Card, 4 1/4" x 11".

A Stronger Georgia
Stacey Abrams' One Georgia Plan will help all Georgians who are struggling and help all families move up and move forward. She will address the challenges facing our families, taking bold action without raising taxes. As Governor, she will:

  • Expand Medicaid to lower costs, create jobs, save rural hospitals and expand access to care to 500,000 Georgians.
  • Invest in fully funded public education from "cradle to career" so all Georgia's children can have an opportunity to succeed.
  • Improve public safety and combat violent crime by keeping guns out of the hands of criminals.


Brian Kemp:
The Wrong Priorities.
Holding Us Back.

Under Kemp, Georgians struggle to afford gas and groceries. Hospitals are closing, and health care costs and violent crime are on the rise.

  • Refusing to expand Medicaid
  • Allowing criminals to carry concealed guns
  • Creating laws that deny Georgia women their constitutional rights

One Georgia
Vote for Democrats
This November

Stacey Abrams
for Governor

Charlie Bailey
for Lieutenant Governor

Bee Nguyen
for Secretary of State

Jen Jordan
for Attorney General

William Boddie Jr.
for Labor Commissioner
Nakita Hemingway for Agriculture Commissioner
Alisha Thomas Searcy
for State Superintendent for Schools
Patty Durand
for Public Service Commissioner, District 2
Sheila Edwards
for Public Service Commissioner, District 3

SYA22008 [union bug]

Paid for by the Democratic Party of Georgia