Sept. 14 2021 Governor Recall Election

Card - 4" x 8 1/2".

for California Governor

I am strongly against forced lockdowns, masks and vaccinations.
I support science, freedom of individual choice, and opposing voices.

I will protect parental rights, stand up to Teachers Unions, and against Critical Race Theory, anti-American indoctrination, and pornographic sex education.

I strongly support our police, ICE agents, and border patrol who deserve our respect and appreciation. Restore law and order!

For years I dealt directly with destructive regulations and high taxes. I will bring back businesses to California.

The homeless need our help—housing, medical, education, addiction treatment and work programs. Teach a man to fish.

We need reservoirs and desalination plants to solve our water problems; and rigorous forest management. End mismanagement!

We have ali the resources necessary to be the cheapest energy state in the country. Let's use them—oil, hydro-electric, nuclear, and solar.

Paid for by Leo Zacky for Governor

Leo Zacky

for California Governor
My campaign is about fixing what has been destroyed by the liberal progressives. I am an experienced business leader and an agricultural lobbyist who is very familiar with Sacramento politics. I have a plan to restore us to a better life.

I loved growing up in Los Angeles, the place my family settled a century ago to pursue and live the American dream. The 90-year success of Zacky Farms was our American dream come true. Today, our California dreams have turned into an American nightmare!

California has the fifth largest economy in the world and was the greatest state in America—a land of pristine beauty, free speech, great education and the engine that drove America. Now, homeless tents fill our streets, businesses are moving out, free speech is cancelled, and our educational system is in shambles.

Californians are crying out for help and leadership to stop the decay and destruction happening before our eyes. This is why I feel compelled to run for Governor. I cannot stand by and watch California crumble under our feet! We must think to the future and what we can do to bring back the California we know and love.

Let's remember, we live in the greatest state of the greatest country in the world. l'm a freedom loving patriot! Let's bring California back as a beacon of hope for the future of America.

l'm Leo Zacky and I want to be your next Governor.

I will end this nightmare!

Paid for by Leo Zacky for Governor

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