Sept. 14 2021 Governor Recall Election

Flyer - 4 1/4" x 11".


Reasons to Recall
Gavin Newsom

•   California is unaffordable: Gavin Newsom raised taxes, destroyed jobs, and imposed mandates making housing, gas, utilities, and more too expensive.

•   Crime is skyrocketing: Newsom's "coddle the criminal" policies have led to the worst increase in crime in decades with a spike in murders and robberies.

•   Schools are failing: Newsom ordered schools to close - while our schools rank in the bottom fifth and are getting worse.

•   Homelessness is everywhere: Newsom is wasting billions of taxpayers' money on failed homeless programs.

•   Special Privileges for politicians: Newsom
shut down the economy, but dined without a mask with lobbyists. Newsom forced unemployed workers to wait months for benefits but he never missed a paycheck himself - and then gave himself a raise.

Shake up the Sacramento Swamp
Return your Ballot Before Sept 14!
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[ed. is a project of Reform California, a 527 founded in 2003 by Carl DeMaio]