Sept. 14 2021 Governor Recall Election

Flyer - 8 1/2" x 11". [PDF]

New Transformational Leadership & Fundamental Change is Coming

Joel Ventresca for California Governor 2021

For over 25 years as a peaceful warrior champion, I fearlessly battled the Most Corrupt Machine in California & America. The decades-old San Francisco Willie Brown & protégés corruption machine amassed unprecedented power & wealth for a few, caused ever-expanding criminal prosecutions, and rigged an election to place the corrupt governor in office. This nefarious machine is linked to widespread scandal, bribery, money laundering, contract fixing, patronage, violence, threats, election irregularities & backroom deals.

34 Years of Exceptional Award-winning Public Service: Administrator, Analyst & Safety Security Risk Expert building the industry-leading San Francisco International Airport into an economic powerhouse creating 300,000 jobs & $62.5 billion in business sales annually (1987-2018); Department Head Assistant & Aging Specialist reorganizing the City and County of San Francisco Aging Commission into a model department (1981-1984). 

Key High-Level Prior Impactful Leadership Positions:  Democratic Party Runner-up for San Francisco Mayor in 2019; City and County of San Francisco Environmental Commissioner; President, Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods; Executive Board Member, SEIU 790; Environmental Justice Pioneer.

Nationally-known Successful Community Organizer:  Organized the winning coalition that passed the most restrictive commercial office high-rise growth control law in the nation; Defeated corporate welfare sports facilities promoted by the superrich; Headed the public power movement in San Francisco; Testified before Congress against privatization of national parks; Led the effort to close the last two fossil-fueled burning power plants in San Francisco; Crafted open government law; Drafted detailed plan to cleanup radioactive-contaminated closed military bases; Adopted the first landmark City and County of San Francisco Sustainability Plan.

Media Characterizations: “hero”; “courageous”; “tough”; “principled”; “incorruptible”; “independent”; “honest”; “successful”; “liberal”;  “progressive”; “left”;   “empathetic”; “personable”; “knowledgeable”.

Family & Education: Son of Italian American science teacher & homemaker; Married Asian American immigrant; Step-grandfather to African Americans, Filipino Americans  & Cambodian Americans; Related to signers of the Declaration of Independence & Constitution; Jesuit-educated; University of San Francisco Master in Public Administration.

“As a prominent 99% Public Interest Game-changer Democrat, who received 111,000 votes in San Francisco elections, I will govern as America’s most effective progressive governor.” – Joel Ventresca

Restoring, Reinventing & Reimagining the Golden California Dream:
Advancing Groundbreaking Opportunity, Sustainability & Majority Electoral Support

Joel Ventresca for California Governor 2021 Platform
Restore democracy; Reinvent government; Reimagine capitalism.

Create just, livable & flourishing California for all. 
Enact high quality healthcare & education, cradle-to-grave, for all residents. Raise minimum wage to $16-an-hour. End homelessness, poverty & mass incarceration with comprehensive programs. Pass best tenant protection, civil rights, gun safety & police reform laws in the nation. Increase taxes on wealthy individuals & corporations. Eliminate taxes & fees on small businesses for 5 years. Build large-scale multi-unit permanent affordable housing.

Reverse growing economic inequality & expand economic democracy.
Disempower top 1% economic elite. Empower nonviolent mass movements. Reduce inequities, disparities & the gap between rich & poor. Challenge corporate & tech agendas.  Restructure energy utilities into a full-service consumer-owned statewide public power system that operates efficiently, reliably, sustainably & safely with 15% lower rates. Remake California into the first zero-carbon emissions state in the nation. Cease fracking & oil drilling. Convert to non-nuclear 100% clean renewable energy. Establish free public transit. 

Rejuvenate inclusive & diverse participatory democracy. 
Remove corrupt influence of private money from politics by mandating 100% publicly-funded candidate campaigns & elections. Prohibit elected representatives from meeting with lobbyists. Halt government waste, fraud, abuse, inefficiency, mismanagement & corruption. Make safety, security, opportunity & well-being accessible to all. Confront bias, discrimination & bigotry.

Should top 1%-corporate-incompetent-corrupt Newsom be removed in the bipartisan recall election?

Getty Oil fortune-generated multimillionaire & corporate interest bagman ($32.5 million collected to stay in power from real estate, health, tech, gambling & other industries) Newsom, who increased the gap between rich & poor but refuses to increase taxes on the wealthy, mismanaged: schools (83% of parents say children are falling behind); pandemic (63,000 deaths; highest of any state); nursing homes (9,000 covid-19 deaths); public health (underfunded contact tracing & data collection costing more lives); economy (45% of workforce lost jobs); unemployment (failure to answer phones); wildfires (record 4.2 million acres burned in 2020); blackouts; drought; climate change (112 fracking & oil drilling permits were approved in 2021); housing (skyrocketing rents; median home price is $813,980); homelessness (half of nation’s total); poverty (highest rate in nation); prisons & crime (homicides increased 31% statewide in 2020). These Newsom failures made inequities for women & people of color worse.

Newsom represents a rigged economic & political system that makes the superrich richer. In 2018 Newsom promoted a Trump Republican to make it easier to win a runoff election for governor. In 2020 Newsom received $226 million in corporate donations for “charity” then provided no-bid contracts & appointments to donors. Newsom’s family took $700,000 from California’s largest utility then engineered a massive Wall Street-friendly ratepayer-funded $21 billion bailout. His spouse’s “nonprofit” raised $10.4 million then pocketed a $2.3 million salary. The U.S. Supreme Court has reversed Newsom’s abuse of power 5 times. His 2007 sexual misconduct scandal included: adultery; betrayal of his best friend; breaking up a new family with a child; unlawful workplace favoritism; taxpayer money misappropriation & alcohol-abuse-disorder. While dining with economic elite influence peddling lobbyists, Newsom exposed his hypocrisy, arrogance & privilege.   

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