Sept. 14 2021 Governor Recall Election
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Elect David Lozano as your next Governor of California

Executive Officer - Expert in Finance and Negotiations
Prior L.A. County Deputy Sheriff

- Worked in over 5 Continents - In Over 12 Different Countries

- Only Candidate that has the Solution to Homelessness - A Real Plan through a Project he calIs "A New Hope" where David declares he can end all homelessness in California in 2 years or less.
- lmplement lmmediate and lnnovative Police Reform.
- Provide Affordable Housing as well as Tens of Thousands of New Residential Homes.
- Optional No Mask COVID-19 Policy.
- lmplement Legal lmmigration Policy with Fast and Efficient Processing.
- Efficient and Affordable Water Management.

David Lozano - Making the Impossible - Possible!

Issue Brief - 8 1/2" x 11".

Lozano for Governor

End Homelessness

David Lozano is the only candidate that has a real solution to homelessness - a project he calls "A New Hope" - which will end Homelessness in California within two year or less. The plan will build, from the ground up, not one, but three major metropolitan/residential cities - one in the Northern part of California; the second Northeast of the Antelope Valley outside of Los Angeles; and the third in the Southern tip of California with each having upper and middle class areas, but also having a moderate class area with the capability of housing over 50,000 homeless each.

Implement Police Reform

David "wrote the book" on Police Reform a decade ago, but it was too advanced for society at the time. But now with what has happened over the past year, David's solutions are ready to be implemented which will return the trust that the people of California have back in their police officers.

Provide Affordable Housing

Candidate David Lozano is a specialist in the field of mortgage law and finance and has been a practicing attorney here in California dealing and negotiating directly with mortgage lenders for the past 28 years. He has created a remarkable and innovative plan which will change the real estate market as we know it today and make housing affordable for every Californian.

COVID-19 Policy

Once Governor, my adrninistration will always consider advice from our country's top scientists, doctors, and medical advisors on the current status of the virus. We will, however, take immediate action to stock and supply every hospital and medical facility with equipment, supplies and inventory in preparation of the possibility of another covid pandernic. But, as Governor, my overall policy, different than from all other candidates, is to remove these masks and get our State back to a pre-Covid environment.

Protecting Our Veterans
Our Veterans have suffered enough. Under my administration, every Veteran in California will be housed and cared for, including medica! and psychological support, in addition to those that are currently homeless and abandoned. Our Veterans were there for us when we needed them, it is time for us to be there for them.

We Need Immigration - But It Must Be Legal

Our country was founded on the basis of immigration. So it makes sense that we welcome those that want to come to California seeking work and wanting to raise their families here and help our State grow and prosper. But to do so, they must enter our country legally first and follow the proper rules and guidelines in order so that our government can correctly process their identity and background to ensure the safety and security of all Americans as well as the safety of the immigrants applying.

Reduction in all State and Local Taxes

One of the first tasks my Administration will perform is to conduct and audit all departments of the state agencies in order to find waste which is one of the causes of over-taxation. The end result will be the immediate reduction in both State and Local taxes. But as this is occurring, the very first bill I will cut will be Senate Bill 1, the Gas Tax, immediately reducing the price of gasoline in California by 51.1 cents per gallon.

Water Management
The key solution to water management is to put ALL the solutions into effect immediately. The biggest problem has been bureaucracy and the slow decision-making process by the bureaucrats in deciding which solutions California is going to choose to solve its water shortage problem. Choose them all. California's water shortage problem is so serious and so massive that there is no longer any time left to squander over petty differences. We must act and we must act now. There are numerous innovative ideas and solutions, some small, some large, some actually quite affordable, some quite costly, but they all produce, or conserve or save or reuse water. And water is what California needs. And the sooner we implement these solutions we will identify which ideas work best, are more efficient and affordable and lean heavier on those and quickly step away from the others.

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