Nov. 8, 2022 Governor 

Palm Card,
3 7/16" x 8 3/4".


  • Lifelong Alaskans
  • A former Republican and former Democrat
  • Common sense Alaskan decision making!
  • Experienced leaders
Bill Walker is a lifelong Alaskan who served as the governor of our state from 2014 to 2018. As governor, Bill assembled a cabinet of Alaska leaders based on qualifications, not political affiliation. Bill and his wife Donna have four children and six grandchildren, most of whom still live in Anchorage.

Heidi Drygas was born and raised in Alaska's Golden Heart City of Fairbanks. After 10 years serving as General Counsel for the Alaska District Council of Laborers, representing more than 5,000 laborers across Alaska, Heidi served as Commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development from 2014 to 2018. Heidi, her husband Kevin, and daughter Olive live in Juneau.

Priorities for Alaska
Fiscal Plan & Grow the Economy

Bill & Heidi will work to create a sound fiscal plan that serves as the foundation to grow our economy and create good paying jobs, reversing trends of years of job loss.

Bill and Heidi will submit an increase to per-student funding to keep class sizes small and make teachers' benefits competitive to stop the brain drain happening in our education system.

Lower Energy Costs
Bill and Heidi will bring down Alaska's highest-in­-the-nation energy costs by monetizing our natural gas resources and investing in renewables. Successful economies need affordable energy in order to thrive.
Reproductive Freedom

Bill and Heidi will protect women's constitutional rights to reproductive freedom and will veto legislation that attempts to take those rights away.

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