Aug. 16, 2022 Primary / Nov. 8, 2022 Governor 

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New Energy.  A Better Future.
Pro-Choice. Pro-Renewable Energy. Pro-Education.
"People deserve opportunity and a real chance to succeed, whether they're born rich or poor. We can build a state with great schools, good-paying jobs, and make Alaska a state people believe in again."

                                                           -Les Gara

Strong Schools, Strong Pre-K, Strong University & Job Training
Good schools give people a chance to succeed, and strong pre-K helps students enter school ready to learn. Lagging school support, and harsh cuts to the University harm opportunity. Les and Jessica have built careers working for better schools and for our students.

Protect the Right to Choose
Les Gara is the only pro-choice candidate for Governor. Les has always voted for the right to choose because politicians have no business making decisions about your body. lt is critical now more than ever to elect leaders who will stand up for the right to choose.

Good-Paying Jobs
We need to put Alaskans back to work. This state has slashed support for construction, maintenance, renewable energy, and the projects that put people to work.

A Living Minimum Wage
People shouldn't work full­-time for poverty wages. The current minimum wage of $10.25/hour should be raised to at least $15/hour, a rate we can phase in as businesses recover from the pandemic.

A Fair Share for our oil
Les is the only candidate for governor who's fought to end $1.2 billion in oil company "tax credit" subsidies. With fair oil revenue, we can afford good schools, needed construction and renewable energy projects and jobs, and a stronger PFD than the current governor has ever paid.

Safe Communities
We should have strong, responsible law enforcement across the state. Alaska has dozens of communities with no law enforcement at all, and state support for local police funding has fallen by 70%. 

"We believe liberty and justice for all is what good leaders should do, not just say." - Les & Jessica

About Les Gara
Like many Alaskans, Les grew up without wealth or privilege. When he was six, a robber broke into his father's office and killed him. Les grew up in foster homes, where he lived through high school. While Les worked from grade school through law school, he attended good public schools and had the opportunity to succeed.

Les stood up for children, education, and the things that give people opportunities in life as a legislator. He has received national and Alaska awards for his work supporting Alaska's foster youth, ensuring they have an equal chance to succeed.

Les and his wife Kelly have had many opportunities in their 33 years in Fairbanks and Anchorage. Les worked as an Assistant Attorney General on Alaska's civil prosecution of Exxon after the disastrous Exxon Valdez Oil Spill. Kelly has made her way as a highly regarded hospital physical therapist.

About Jessica Cook
Jessica is a 20-year public school teacher who lives in Palmer with her husband Ed, an Air Force Veteran. She has taken leadership positions in the education community as vice president of both our state and Anchorage education associations.

Like Les, she grew up with hardship. Jessica's mother was murdered when she was three. She lived with adoptive parents and then her grandparents in Eagle River. Jessica has three children and five grandchildren and is running so that they can have a bright future in Alaska. She's earned two master's degrees in education and believes everyone deserves the right to succeed.

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