Nov. 3, 2020 U.S. Senate

Card - 4" x 9". 

Paula Jean is a coal-miner's daughter and granddaughter fighting for...
Economic Diversity. No one should have to leave West Virginia to find a good job; it should not be a financial sacrifice to stay.

Anti-corruption. Our lawmakers must no longer sell themselves to lobbyists and the wealthy—they must not be more interested in keeping their jobs than doing their jobs.

Good union jobs. We must empower working people to take a fair share of the prosperity we created in this country.

Medicare for All. Healthcare is a human right. We must have healthcare, not a choice between pain, death, or crushing medical debt.

Publicly-funded tuition and student debt forgiveness. We deserve a world-class education, not a system run by the wealthy at our expense.
Unite our fight. The wealthy are waging a class war against the rest of us. We must not let them divide and conquer; let's unite our fight.

Paula Jean Swearengin is a West Virginia coal miner's daughter and grand- daughter who has been fighting to protect her community and communities like it for decades. Now she's running for U.S.Senate.

In stark contrast, her opponent Shelly Moore Capito is a member of a corrupt political dynasty—the daughter of a wealthy five-time felon who pleaded guilty to political corruption in 1990. Worse, Capito has been fighting to roll back the protections that would spare the lives of miners and mining families like Paula Jean's.

"They're not interested in protecting miners when it cuts into their profits," said Paula Jean. "It's why I've been to more funerals than weddings in my community."
While Paula Jean grew up watching her daddy, grand­daddy, neighbors and friends fall prey to Black Lung, struggling even to breathe. Silver-Spoon Capito has benefitted from dirty money and backroom political connections all her life, from her attendance at Duke to her cozy relationship with Mitch McConnell, the second most hated Senator in the country. Capito now has a net worth of about $6 million dollars while the coal communities she's preyed upon continue to get hollowed out, and gas communities are being sold-out the same way.

West Virginia working families have kept the lights on in our nation for over a century, yet we continue to be plundered by politicians who sell themselves to the highest bidder, profiting from the same system that exacted such a toll on Paula Jean's family and so many others.

"No politician has a free pass to get wealthy from the blood, sweat, and tears of working people. It's time we took back what's ours," says Paula Jean.  [union bug]