Nov. 3, 2020 U.S. Senate

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Who Shares Your Values? What's Important To You?

Strong Economy, Low Taxes
Sen. John Cornyn believes keeping taxes low and stopping unnecessary government red tape creates jobs, grows paychecks and the economy, and spreads prosperity.
He voted for the 2017 tax cuts and for extending the Bush tax cuts and opposed the Obama-Biden tax increase.

Strong Military
Cornyn has worked with Republican presidents to ensure peace through strength by keeping our military strong and ready to deter any adversary.

American Energy Independence
Cornyn knows the Democrats' radical Green New Deal would kill the Texas economy, take billions from our schools and throw millions of Texans out of work. America is reducing greenhouse gas emissions while becoming a net producer of energy—that's
good for jobs, the environment and our country.

Conservative Judges
A former Texas Supreme Court justice himself, Cornyn believes judges must strictly interpret and apply the law and Constitution as written, not be legislators in robes. He helped confirm four conservative Supreme Court justices and is working on his fifth now.

Secure Borders
Knowing the legal immigration is good for America, Cornyn also believes we must control our borders so we know who's coming in and out. He supports a wall where needed and backs our Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers.

John Cornyn is a principled, thoughtful conservative who shares our values.

John Cornyn: Thoughtful Leadership for Texas

• Preserve protections for all Americans.
• Ensure those who lose their job during the pandemic keep their insurance.
• Curb prescription drug prices by preventing pharmaceutical companies from avoiding competition from genetic brands.

• Reauthorized landmark legislation that's provided more than a decade of support for survivors and a tool in the fight to end backlogs of untested rape kits.
"If you've not had the chance to meet a survivor and hear their stories, you must, because the survivors I've met and worked with over the years in Texas, they are truly inspiring, and I am glad we can get this bill finally passed on their behalf."

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John Cornyn Stands for Texas, Our Value and Our People.

He's a Texas conservative who works in the Senate for low taxes, less government, a strong military and judges who strictly interpret the law.

He's a thoughtful leader who works across party lines to get things done, while always standing for principle. Look at any conservative achievement since he's been in the Senate and you'll find him involved in that fight. And he's never forgotten his roots and our shared Texas values.

He Stands for Texas Energy.

Cornyn understands how important the Texas oil and gas industry is to our state, providing hundreds of thousands of jobs and vital revenue for education.

He's strongly opposes the "Green New Deal" and has instead worked to keep regulation sensible and remove obstacles to developing our oil and gas resources, while reducing carbon emissions.

When Covid struck, he cosponsored the SAVE Jobs Act to protect paychecks of Texans working in energy, knowing their jobs and survival of their industry were critical to Texas communities.

He sponsored the LEADING Act to encourage research and development of carbon-capture technology, reducing emissions through innovation, not heavy­handed regulation.

Cornyn Led the Fight Against Human Trafficking.

He wrote the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act that cracks down on this horrible crime and provides help for its victims, many of them children.

It creates new law enforcement tools to fight traffickers and the criminal networks that support them. It punishes pimps for buying and selling trafficked victims and uses fines from them to pay for victims' services and law enforcement programs through a Trafficking Victims' Fund.
He Stands With Texas Ag Producers.

Cornyn strongly favors ending the Death Tax, reducing regulatory and tax burdens for farmers and ranchers, getting help to agriculture when disasters strike and increasing access to water for Texas agriculture.

He knows farmers and ranchers don't want a government handout,just the opportunity to compete in a global market where rules are fair and obstacles to the sale of American products are gone.