Nov. 3, 2020 U.S. Senate

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A trusted conservative with proven results!

Mike Rounds

Our United States Senator

Working together, we have accomplished a lot!

•  Historic economic growth,
•  Record job creation,
•  Passed tax cuts and simplified the tax code,
•  Reduced regulations,
•  Streamlined government,
•  Secured the B-21 Bomber for Ellsworth AFB,
•  Strengthened our military,
•  Confirmation of over 140 new federal judges,
•  Repealed Obamacare individual mandate,
•  Protecting our 2nd Amendment Rights,
•  Defending Life, and so much more...

We have accomplished many great things over the past several years, however, our work is far from done. We must secure our borders, negotiate better trade deals that are fair for the American people, and continue to expand options for quality and affordable healthcare.
                                            Mike Rounds

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Mike Rounds: Making a Difference for South Dakota

Common Sense Solutions

In 2014, the people of South Dakota sent Mike Rounds to the Senate to get results, and to bring South Dakota values to a broken federal government. Washington had veered off-track and desperately needed to be fixed.

During the previous years, the federal government had become increasingly dysfunctional and misguided; rolling out ill-conceived programs like Obamacare, saddling Americans with unnecessary regulations, and dramatically increasing the tax burden on businessowners and private citizens.

The system needed to be fixed and South Dakotans turned to Mike Rounds - a man who'd proven he could be the voice for our values. After eight years as our state's Governor, Mike went to Washington determined to bring South Dakota common sense to a city that desperately needed it. And just as he'd done as our state's chief executive officer, Mike Rounds made a difference.

As a first term U.S. Senator, Mike fought hard to bring about many legislative successes - all by employing South Dakota values and earning his reputation as a serious policy expert.

"Receiving and responding to over 147,000 citizen messages has been invaluable to my team and me. Input from South Dakotans has helped shape many of our legislative proposals and I'm proud to report that over 30 of those proposals have been signed into law. I've also worked closely with my colleagues in the Senate to lower taxes, reduce burdensome regulations, grow the economy, enact better trade deals for our farmers and rebuild our military after years of underfunding."

Getting Results in DC
Mike quickly established himself as an effective policymaker in Washington. Working together with his fellow Senators, the new administration was able to cut 8.5 regulations for every new rule, reducing government overreach and increasing local control.

Mike's and his colleagues' deregulatory efforts slashed regulatory costs by nearly $50 billion per year, with savings to reach $220 billion annually once major actions are fully implemented, ultimately saving American households an estimated $3100 each year.

In addition to having his legislation signed into law, Mike worked behind the scenes to make sure South Dakota priorities were included in major bills. In 2019, he worked with Appropriations committee members to secure $3 million to implement a snowpack monitoring system along the Missouri River. This will help the Corps better monitor moisture levels along the basin to help prevent major flooding events in the future. In 2018, he worked to get funding to replace Sisseton-Wahpeton's detention center, which was condemned nearly two decades ago but had yet to be replaced.

Mike has served on four vital committees: Armed Services; Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs; Environment & Public Works; and Veterans' Affairs. He's known as a commonsense conservative who works to build consensus among his colleagues. As a result, he's been able to make a real impact on issues that affect the people of our state.

Plans for the Future

Looking ahead, Mike will focus on the issues that matter most to South Dakotans. He'll continue his years-long push for an assessment of the failing Indian Health Service (IHS), which would take a close look at the failures of the IHS so that the government can work in close consultation with the tribes to solve these problems and begin providing the reliable, adequate care our tribal members deserve.

Mike will continue to shepherd and fight for the "Product of the U.S.A." beef labeling bill. Last year with Senator John Thune, Mike introduced a bill to make certain that the "Product of the U.S.A." label goes only to beef and beef products exclusively derived from one or more animals born, raised and slaughtered in the United States. Current federal regulations include a loophole that allows beef from livestock born, raised and slaughtered in foreign countries to be labeled "Product of the U.S.A." as long as the beef undergoes additional processing at a plant in the United States. Mike Rounds is committed to righting this wrong.

As Mike said when he announced his intention to seek re-election, "The people of South Dakota are known for resilience, determination and strength. Those values are too often lacking in Washington. Bureaucrats and self-promoting politicians are focused on the political whims of the day, instead of the important issues that directly impact hardworking families. As a lifelong South Dakotan, my priorities remain focused on getting results for the people of our state."

"It's been an honor to work for and serve South Dakota; I'm proud of what we've been able to accomplish together. But there is more work to be done. I'm looking forward to building on our successes to accomplish even more for South Dakota in the years ahead."

As we approach America's 250th birthday in 2026, Mike Rounds is committed to policies that leave South Dakotans and all Americans freer, stronger and more prosperous for future generations. He'll continue bringing South Dakota values to Washington and make sure you have a say in the decisions that affect you every day.

Supporting Supreme Court Nominees

The recent passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg creates a vacancy in the Supreme Court of the United States. As he has done for the past six years, Senator Rounds will
meet with and provide support to well-qualified judicial nominees who are committed to upholding the rule of law and not legislating from the bench.