Nov. 3, 2020 U.S. Senate

Walk Piece - 4" x 11". 

"Rhode Island is at the heart of who I am and what I do.  In the Senate, I'm fighting for good-paying jobs, protecting Social Security and Medicare, creating access to affordable health insurance, and making sure that our state has the resources it needs to combat Covid-19."

www.jackreed.com   facebook/ReedforRI


Progress over politics...
...It's how I fight for our state.

"I'm working every day to put politics aside, so that here in Rhode Island we can get safely back to work and school."

Jack Reed's Top Priorities:
■    Tax breaks to families, not companies that ship jobs overseas
■    Ensuring women earn equal pay for equal work
■    Raising the minimum wage
■    Creating an economy that rewards work, not just wealth
■    Preserving and Expanding the Middle Class

Retirement Security
■    Preserving Social Security
■    Maintaining traditional Medicare and Medicaid benefits

Building a Better Future
■    Providing low-interest student loans and making it easier for the students to refinance their loans
■    Up-to-date job training and help for middle-aged workers
■    Preserving Rl's share of federal dollars for roads, bridges and buses – and good paying jobs that come with them.

Jack Reed's Accomplishments Include:
■    Got us the critical funds to improve the state's roads, bridges, RIPTA, and the state's airports.
■    Secured $1.25 billion in Covid relief funding for the state
■    Tens of millions to support our hospitals and healthcare workers on the frontlines
■    Authored and passed the Childhood Cancer STAR Act
■    Fighting to protect the Affordable Care Act
www.jackreed.com   facebook/ReedforRI
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