Nov. 3, 2020 U.S. Senate

Flyer - 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" (one-sided). 

Ibrahim Taher
Green for US Senate

"I pledge to continue to be a servant of and a fighter for the people"

1. Ending Endless Wars
For too long, our foreign policy has been motivated by the greed of war-profiteers and the ideology of 'world dominance'. Besides the high cost, wars, CIA coups and sanctions are ali violations of lnt. Law and article 6 of our Constitution.

2. Saving The Planet

Our Planet and environment are not exclusively owned by specífic nations or generations. Our use of natural resources must not destroy the home of the future generation. Fossil fuels, chemicals and bio-agricultural corporations are polluting and poisoning our air, soil and water.

3. Reforming Politics
Our govemment and corrupted politicians are influenced by the wealthy and powerful class. Their money has stolen our democracy. To restore it, we need to get all types
of money out of politics and reform our voting mechanisms to eliminate the notion of 'lesser evil'.
4. Establishing Social Justice
It is illogical to legalize alcoholic beverages while continuing to criminalize less harmful substances. Criminal Justice reform is needed across the entire spectrum from freeing falsely imprisoned people to holding cops accountable to reforming the Supreme Court.

5. Fixing The Economy
The economy is regulated in a way that enriches the rich and exploits the poor.  Balancing living expenses and wages must be the goal of the govemment.

Taher for US Senate


Ibrahim A Taher

Ibrahim A Taher