Sept. 1, 2020 U.S. Senate Democratic Primary
Brochure - 5" x 10". 

"Today, we face a political moment that will define us for generations. Donald Trump should be impeached, period. But our fight is bigger than him. Our fight is against the broken political system that gave him rise and keeps countless American families locked out and left behind. The status quo isn't working."

Joe Kennedy


Three days into this campaign, I visited the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and Melnea Cass Boulevard in Boston, where a crisis of homelessness, addiction and poverty has gripped the city.
"I'm running for Senate because we need new leaders with the energy and urgency our country demands."
A woman approached me outside a local homeless shelter, and she was screaming. Sobbing. "I'm doing everything I can," she said. "But here I am on the street with nothing. What else do you want from me? What else can I do?"

This, in a state with 98% health care coverage.

A few weeks before I was at a hospital in Attleboro walking through an ER so full you couldn't fit down the hallways.

They were packed with acute behavioral health patients waiting to find a bed in a facility that could care for them. An eight-year ­old boy had been there for five full days. "It shouldn't be this hard to help them," an exhausted doctor told me.

There was the church in Worcester filled with LGBTQ refugees. The veterans in Somerville struggling to access their most basic needs. The advocates in Greenfield fighting a heartbreaking opioid crisis, and the activists in Roxbury demanding our country's climate response not leave behind communities on the frontlines.

The immigrant families at St. Luke's in Chelsea, the men and women at Our Father's Table in Fitchburg, the children at Duffy Health Center on the Cape - all of them forced to fight for the basic dignity our nation is supposed to promise all.

I want to be crystal clear with you: this is why I'm running for Senate. Because across the Commonwealth our people are being locked out, let down and left behind. Because injustice and oppression still grow in American soil. And because our system - our politics AND our policies - has wholly failed to respond.

In Congress, these have been my fights. For the low-wage workers exploited in our economy. For the transgender Americans denied basic human dignity. For the working families fighting eviction or discrimination. For the folks living with mental illness forced to the margins of the richest health care system on Earth.

My campaign is a movement to bring back in the people who have been cut out and amplify the voices that have been ignored. New faces, new energy, new perspectives, new activism, new ideas and a new approach.

The more people willing to jump in, the better.

I'd be honored to have you stand with me.

Joe Kennedy

Joe Kennedy III
"Democrats face a moment of reckoning. I will help build the diverse coalitions we need to achieve progressive reform on everything from gender equality to climate change to gun violence and immigration."

As your U.S. Senator, I will show up every day and fight with you for:

■    Medicare for All

■    Good jobs, strong wages & economic dignity

■    A Green New Deal & environmental justice

■    Racial equity

■    Fair & compassionate immigration policy

■    Reproductive justice

■    Public schools, good housing & childcare every family can afford

■    Bold political reform & an end to the Electoral College

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Palm Card - 9" x 4". 
We can't go back to 'normal."
Normal was broken.

But now, we have an extraordinary opportunity to choose to build something better, together.

This will be the work of a generation.
I'm up for that fight. And I'm all in.

That's why I humbly ask for your vote for U.S. Senate on September 1st.

Joe Kennedy

Congressman Joe Kennedy Ill is running because we need stronger leadership in the United States Senate.

Our country is at a moment of reckoning.
Recovering and rebuilding will be the work of a generation.
And we won't get it done with the same leadership and policies of the last 50 years.

We need a change.

A former Peace Corps member, legal aid volunteer, and assistant district attorney, Joe has dedicated his career to the fight for social & economic justice.
In Congress he has built a national profile around issues like health care, civil rights, and basic economic security for every American family. Joe will do more than vote the right way in Washington.
He will show up at home and be present in Massachusetts to fight by your side.

Massachusetts deserves to know its Senator again.

Medicare for All & True Mental Health Parity I Good Jobs, Strong Wages & Economic Dignity Racial Equity I Climate Action & Climate Justice I Fair & Compassionate Immigration Policy Reproductive Justice I Public Schools I Good Housing & Childcare Every Family Can Afford Legal & Lived Equality I Bold Political Reform I An End to the Electoral College