Nov. 3, 2020 Governor

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Strong and Decisive Leadership
Has Guided Us Through Tough Times...

"Inslee's batting average of well-reasoned, life-saving decisions during the pandemic ranks among the best US governors." 
The News Tribune

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Governor Jay Inslee
His Commitment To Science and Smart Investments Have Put Us On Course To Weather This Economic Storm

Governor Jay lnslee acted boldly and decisively in response to a once-in
-a-lifetime crisis. His actions saved lives – thousands of them.

The challenges ahead remain daunting, but Governor lnslee's economic vision has positioned us to weather the economic storm and come out stronger on the
other side.

Career Connect
This innovative program provides more pathways to good jobs that don't have to include a four year college. Career-oriented apprenticeships and on-the-job
training will connect 100,000 students to the workforce, helping us endure and recover from tough times
"The governor's leadership and trust in science has saved lives and ultimately the state economy."  Herald  10-11-20

"Inslee's performance during the coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated that he is the right person to guide the state through the crisis."  The Columbian  10-4-20
The Nation's Best Paid Family and Medical Leave
The policy allows our workers time off to care for newborns or sick relatives while also protecting small businesses.

Clean Energy Economy
lnslee made our state a leader in growing clean energy jobs, helping build a $6 billion wind energy industry, increasing the use of solar and electric vehicles, and ending the state's use of coal for electricity.

We invested prudently to prepare for tough times like these. We'll get through this together.

Governor Jay Inslee
Strong and Decisive Leadership in Tough Times