Nov. 3, 2020 Governor

Palm Card, 9" x 4".

Independent Leaders Uniting All North Dakotans

"We know the joys and the struggles of people all across the state. As the great­grandaughter of founding Nonpartisan Leaguers, and a 5th generation family farmer and former legislator we see the incredible resilience, ingenuity and hard work of our people. We look forward to serving you to create a bright future for all North Dakotans."

- Dr. Shelley Lenz and Ben Vig

Our priorities for North Dakota

Homegrown Prosperity
North Dakota has the opportunity to lead the nation into the future for the traditional industries of agriculture and energy, while creating economic independence, local opportunities, a stable workforce that allows commu­nities to shape their future with good jobs, businesses, and quality of life.

Thriving Communities
Good jobs, strong small businesses, top-notch public education, infrastructure; and access to affordable health care are essential for communities to thrive. We need to elect leaders who are not focused on partisan bickering but ensuring that our state government is working efficiently to play a vital role helping our communities. We will advocate for investments in infrastructure, education and access to affordable, quality healthcare and preventative care.

Efficient Government Working for All of Us
It's time to get away from partisan infighting and division and back to our roots of the Non-Partisan League where the focus is on what we have in common for the good of North Dakota. Right now we need a government that works for all North Dakotans.

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