Nov. 3, 2020 Governor

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Our state needs new leadership that puts people first, not politics. As Governor and Lt. Governor, Dr. Woody Myers and Rep. Linda Lawson will fight to ensure that all Hoosiers can access affordable health care, students receive a high-quality education, we protect our environment, and workers have good-paying jobs across Indiana.
•  Access to Affordable Health Care
•  Investing in Education
•  Protecting our Climate
•  Strengthening Hoosier Economic Development
•  Supporting a Strong and Viable Workforce

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Dr. Woody Myers: Problem-Solver

Dr. Woodrow (Woody) Myers is a third-generation Hoosier, a physician, health care leader (former Indiana State Health Commissioner), business owner, and Democratic candidate for Indiana Governor.
Myers grew up in Indianapolis, graduated from Shortridge High School, and went on to study medicine at Harvard University, and public and private sector management at Stanford University. He has worked as an emergency room physician and teacher at the Indiana University School of Medicine, and he was appointed State Health Commissioner by two Indiana Governors.
Myers has used his experience in recent years as a health care consultant advising not-for-profit organizations, as well as large health care companies on improving their products and services for the benefit of patients. He lives in Indianapolis with his wife Stacy. Together, they have five children and two grandchildren. Here are his policy priorities: 

Education: Myers believes Indiana must reprioritize education by raising teacher pay, reducing class size, and by facilitating classroom technology without losing the all-important personal relationships between teachers, students, and parents.
"Until we put education first, we won't prosper," he said. "Our children deserve every chance to learn, to grow, and to reach their full potential." To do that, Myers plans to direct Indiana tax dollars to where they are most needed: into the classrooms starving for help, not into failed statewide testing.

Health Care & Public Health: As the State's former top doctor, Myers will work
every day to achieve the goal of "Health Care for All". He has seen first-hand that patients with the best health insurance often receive the best health care, while others do not. Myers believes the way to ensure all Hoosiers receive the health care they need is through improving Indiana Medicaid, fighting for Medicare and private health insurance expansion.
Myers also wants to lower Indiana's infant and maternal mortality rates, which are among the worst in the nation. "Hoosier women need much better access to prenatal care and proven public health programs that help mothers deliver and raise healthy children," Myers said.
Jobs With a Living Wage: An adult working 40 hours earns gross pay of only $290 per week at Indiana's minimum wage rate of $7.25. Even those with college degrees can have trouble making ends meet in our state. Myers is making living wages and jobs in manufacturing, agriculture, and technology a major component of his campaign. "We must work far more aggressively to keep the jobs we have and to attract those of the future"

Climate Change and the Environment: For many Hoosiers today, there is no more important issue than the protection of our environment from the damaging effects of climate change, and protection of our health from toxins in our water and our air. Myers will lead a new Indiana Department of Environmental Management, Department of Natural Resources and Department of Health who will work together to put the challenges of protecting and preserving Hoosier health, water, and air first. "We can't wait any longer. Future generations are depending on us."

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