Nov. 6, 2018 U.S. Senate

Palm Card - 4" x 9". 

I am a Virginian. The only Virginian in the race far U.S. Senate. I was born in Newport News, graduated from Hampton High School and George Masan in Fairfax. My grandfather was a welder in the Newport News Shipbuilding Company. My father graduated from VCU, my mother from Christopher Newport University and Old Dominion. My family dates back to Jamestown.

I have been married far 20 years to Anne Marie, have five kids, and l'm a proud homeschool dad.

I entered this race because while l love my country, I am afraid of my government. And polls show I am not alone. The American people are afraid too. Out of control spending, $21 trillion debt, an annual $1.5 trillion deficit, a bloated and ineffective military industrial complex, a weaponized IRS, and agencies like the NSA that routinely spy on American citizens must be reigned in.

My campaign seeks to bring about revolutionary change to America by restoring liberty to the people by severely limiting the scope and size of the federal government.

I am calling on my fellow Virginians to remember who you are. My campaign will fly under the banner of our Old Dominion, "Thus Always to Tyrants!"

Matt Waters

Matt Waters, Libertarian
Candidate, US Senate


The Government. 72% of Americans overwhelmingly agree that the size and growth of government is the number one threat facing our country. How do we shrink government? 1. Stop sending Democrats/Republicans to Congress! 2. Cut $1 trillion annually. 3. Pass a Liberty Amendment ending federal income taxes.

The Federal Debt. We are $21 trillion dollars in debt, a number that balloons to $120 trillion when you include unfunded liabilities (Social Security & Medicare). Congressional spending is bankrupting America. We must stop spending & balance the budget.

Eliminate Federal lncome Tax. I will introduce the Liberty Amendment that eliminates federal income taxes and the 16th Amendment, and replaces it with nothing.

Life. I am 100% pro-life.

Criminal Justice Reform. No victim, no crime.

2nd Amendment. Life Member of NRA

Matt Waters far U.S. Senate
1444 Duke Street Alexandria, VA 22314